Dennis Culver Talks Unstoppable Doom Patrol

Dennis Culver stops by to talk about the Unstoppable Doom Patrol and where the team fits in the DC Universe at large!

The Doom Patrol are a DC Comics team that are very near and dear to many readers. From the iconic runs with the greatest creative teams of their generations to a television show with a huge following, people cannot get enough of the Doom Patrol. But since the end of the Young Animal Doom Patrol run, the team has been pretty widely absent from their original home of comics but that is changing in March! DC Comics is bringing the Doom Patrol back with Unstoppable Doom Patrol. The series is being written by Dennis Culver, with art by Chris Burnham, colors by Brian Reber, and letters by Pat Brosseau with Ben Abernathy as editor.

The series FOC cut off is Sunday March 5th so make sure to tell your store you want to add this to your pull list. If you don’t have a local store, check out Third Eye Comics who ships internationally!

On this epsiode, we got the chance to sit down with Dennis Culver to discuss the series and his approach to these characters. Dan and Dennis talk about where the Doom Patrol fits into the full spectrum of the DC Universe. Previously, the team has always been in the DC universe but has never really been involved. They aren’t the Justice League or any team that you see at the forefront of every story. But now with this series, the team is going to find their footing in the foreground of the DC Universe and what their place is.

Dennis Culver and Dan also talk about the new designs for the team. Dennis explains the meaning behind them and the reason they are using an orange color rather than the classic red. It’s a great bit of information that gives insight into who the team is now. One of the major themes of the series seems to be moving past a found family into building a community which is a main theme of the conversation as well.

Dennis Culver

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