Sex + Whiskey: Holiday Mailbag Special

‘Tis the season to be naughty, as we enjoy this very special holiday episode of Sex + Whiskey with Nikki and RJ.

Welcome to the 2022 holiday episode of Sex + Whiskey. Our hosts Nikki and RJ will sip on a dram of the good stuff, while discussing the more exciting stuff. They will take you on a journey, exploring whiskeys from around the world, while also educating you on the birds and the bees, especially correcting what school or your parents missed on. Their goal is to promote a safe and fun environment, that will leave you empowered and educated on your next bedroom adventure.

Similar to the previous Ask Us Anything episode, we join Nikki – who is not Santa’s elf, and RJ – who is not Santa, as they check off their own Naughty / Nice list in their Holiday Mailbag Special. Spoiler Alert: Nikki was very naughty.

Multiple people submitted questions about relationships, sex, and shenanigans, and more, all ranging from very naughty to nice – and confessions for this episode. Of course, RJ and Nikki drink a bit too much of their holiday beverages and attempt to answer what they can in a coherent manner while spilling a few personal secrets.

As the last episode of 2022, our co-hosts want to express their gratitude for their listeners and sincerely thank them for following along this year. Sex + Whiskey’s first episode premiered in March and was all about communication, consent, and contraception and set the tone for the year. Their goal was to have some fun as they drank and chatted about sex-education – while navigating some serious topics and sincerely expressing themselves – and the plan for 2023 is to do more of the same.

They would love to hear from you. Questions, comments, suggestions on future episodes are all welcome. Find them at

Happy Holidays, Merry Kinkmas, and Happy Fistmas! However you celebrate the end of this very chaotic year, we truly wish you a wonderful 2023.


Nikki & RJ xo

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