Friday the 13th

Amanda, Amir, Jon, and Dan discuss the Friday the 13th film series!

Things are about to get fast and furious as Amanda, Amir, Jon, and Dan find themselves trapped at old Camp Blood with a hockey wearing maniac thanks to the Grave Robber. Join the Chaos Crew as they try to survive while also discussing Jason Voorhees for GateSlashers and everyone’s favorite holiday….. Friday the 13th.

The Friday the 13th franchise starts by following a killer looking for revenger against a group of camp counselors who wronged them. After the first film though, things go off the rails as Jason Voorhees returns from the lake to enact justice year after year on the people inhabiting his camp. But from there, it just gets wilder as Jason begins to take trips to new fun and exciting locations such as New York City. Oh, and Jason does 100% end up going to space in the wildest outting of the franchise other than the time he fought a nightmare from Elm Street.

Trapped at Camp Crystal Lake, the chaos crew digs into the films of the Friday the 13th franchise. Each brings their unique take on the series especially Amanda who is not a horror film person. The gang discusses the kills of the series.

Dan honors New Jersey’s patron saint of slashing Jason Voorhees who spends so much of his time spreading abstinence by force.

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