Star Wars: The Original Trilogy

It’s the continuation of our four-part Star Wars special: Dan and Mike discuss The Original Trilogy!

That’s no moon… it’s a gate crashing!

Today, Dan and Mike discuss the films that started it all, Star Wars: The Original Trilogy! Dan gets into his deep love of all things Jabba, and Mike shark-shames Dan while going on about the importance of John Williams for an entire 20 minutes.

Listen at the beginning of this week’s episode for the next iteration of our four-part special, Star Wars: Wild Space Episode II – Dark Revelations of the Jedi.

This week’s intro is best enjoyed with headphones!

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Star Wars: Rogue One GateCrashers

Rebellions are built on hope. Fitting that the end of our Star Wars month is about the story that sparked the fire that freed the Galaxy from the Empire. Tim Daniel joins Dan to talk about their favorite Star Wars film, Rogue One. We talk far too long about Saw Gerrera, the themes of the film, and what makes it stand out amongst giants.
  1. Star Wars: Rogue One
  2. Star Wars: The Sequel Trilogy
  3. Star Wars: The Original Trilogy
  4. Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy
  5. Interview with George Motz

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