Batman/Spawn #1 Wastes No Time in Getting Started

Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo return to Batman and Spawn in this exciting crossover.

Batman/Spawn #1
Written by Todd McFarlane
Pencils by Greg Capullo 
Inks by Todd McFarlane
Colors by Dave McCaig 
Letters by Tom Napolitano 

I haven’t had the pleasure to read Spawn until this point, and my only regret is not checking him out sooner. I took a trip down classic lane to the original one-shot, Spawn/Batman, written by Frank Miller back in 1994, which has carried over a familiar talented artist known as Todd McFarlane. Only this time, having him write and ink this new intercompany crossover story.

Batman/Spawn #1 by McFarlane, Capullo, McCaig, and Napolitano / DC Comics

McFarlane is no stranger to Spawn, having created the character at just 16 years of age! Between that and his show, Spawn: The Animated Series, running from 1997-1999; he’s proven hard work pays off when you’re focused on something you truly love. It’s only fitting to have him work on this book with his baby. I always feel thrilled when creators get a chance to share their personal creations time and time again. 

The Court of Owls’ presence in this story caught my attention immediately; it was one of my favorite Batman stories growing up, and I found myself rereading it often. The concept of the Court never fails to pique my interest; a higher power that even Batman struggles to overthrow. You can predict a good story is coming when these guys show up, anything goes. The story satisfied and exceeded my expectations. As a new reader, that’s something you want. I may very well absorb more Spawn content after having read this book. In this short space of time, I’ve developed sympathy for the character and have become invested in their well-being, past and future. 

The art is fitting for the theme of this story. It is well laid out and fluid with good color contrast. Greg and Tom obviously communicated well to execute their vision so accurately. There’s a particular panel I love with a pearl and the moon. It’s a beautiful comparison that works with Batman and the emotions he tries so hard to suppress when it comes to his parents. It will never not tug on heartstrings.

Batman/Spawn #1 by McFarlane, Capullo, McCaig, and Napolitano / DC Comics

Batman/Spawn is a quick start, laying out the plot before pulling you in for what’s to come. These are my favorite kinds of intros. Filled with high energy and information to give you a proper in-depth path to follow. Batman’s superpower is rational thinking which I feel is the best trait to have. What’s strength without good execution? 

I enjoyed Spawn and Batman having common ground to work together. I would have presumed Spawn to be the big bad at first, but I suppose the ending leaves the possibility that things will quickly turn sour. A favorite trait of mine that Batman possesses is the ability to talk to troubled souls and guide them to safety. 

Batman/Spawn is suitable for new readers, a book I found cohesive and easy to understand without having much knowledge of the character beforehand. It helped that I love The Court of Owls and Batman, but I can safely say I am now fond of Spawn, so thanks, Todd! You and the team are good at your jobs! If you like mystery and suspenseful plots while also looking for something new or familiar based on your preference, I’d recommend this book to you. One size fits all, new and old fans alike will enjoy it. 

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