Sex + Whiskey: Ask Us Anything

Our hosts Nikki and RJ are taking time to answer all your burning questions and read some anonymous confessions!

Welcome back to another episode of ‘Sex + Whiskey: An Educational Series,’ a GateCrashers podcast! Our hosts Nikki and RJ will sip on a dram of the good stuff, while discussing the more exciting stuff. They will take you on a journey, exploring whiskeys from around the world, while also educating you on the birds and the bees, especially correcting what school or your parents missed on. Their goal is to promote a safe and fun environment, that will leave you empowered and educated on your next bedroom adventure. This week our hosts have compiled questions provided by YOU our loyal listeners/viewers, and will be answering them with their combined expertise. As an added bonus, they will also be reading aloud some anonymous confessions that were submitted that are sure to keep you entertained. Please enjoy this YouTube exclusive episode of Sex + Whiskey!

By RJ Durante

Writer - @ArghRJ

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