The Gang Talks Rocky and Creed

Ethan, RJ, and Jon step into the ring to discuss the Rocky and Creed franchise. During their time spent going the distance of 15 rounds, they discuss how this series truly is for everyone, as well as discussing Ethan’s first time viewing the series. They also give truly terrible Stallone impressions, heap praise onto the Creed films, and discuss why certain people on this website/podcast from the Philly area should definitely watch it cough Dan cough.

They also spend time revealing RJ’s family’s connection to the original Rocky, which 80s action star would be a good opponent for Stallone in the ring, as well as what modern star would be good in a fight against Donnie. The trio also visit an alternate timeline where 7 year old Apollo Creed killed 7 year old Rocky’s dad, causing Rocky to become a boxer.

So catch those chickens, get your baby oil ready, queue up Human Clay, and lift your arms up in victory, it’s time for the Eye of the Tiger as we dig into Rocky and Creed.

Be sure to check out our review of Creed III which is the best sports anime film of all time. With Michael B. Jordan at the directing helm, the third installment in the Creed franchise breaks away from Rocky’s legacy to strike out as its own thing for the first time. It’s a fantastic movie that is in theaters now for you to check out after you catch up after the episode.


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