The People’s Joker Interview with Vera Drew

The People’s Joker is a masterpiece. It’s a rude queer coming of age story unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Watching the film let me see stories that I personally couldn’t experience and see perspectives outside my own. With the film being a satire of so many characters I’ve known my whole life, it was wonderful to get to see them used as tools to tell this story. The director and co-writer Vera Drew said something during the post Q&A that has stuck with me since. She spoke about how she made this film for young her because she really needed something like this.

Something about that hit me hard because it’s a film that hasn’t been given the ability to find those people who need it. When people create art often times it what they want to see without realizing how many more people need to see it as well. No one knows how many nerdy kids are struggling with their identity out there in the world who fear what will come of becoming who they want to be. I truly hope this film finds the people who need it because as much as it is crude and funny, it’s a story of discovery and becoming your authentic self.

I didn’t review the film because I don’t think I’m equipped to do it. I don’t have the insight and a cis man going on about his thoughts on something like this isn’t something I truly want to read either so why would you?

Instead, I reached out to Vera Drew to come talk with me about the film. We talk a lot about comedy, art and their experiences. We also talk about bologna and Joel Schumacher for a long time.

What we don’t talk about is the legal circus surrounding the film so do not click play expecting that. Instead listen and support Vera so the people who could benefit from seeing a movie as deeply personal and as queer as The People’s Joker.

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