GateCrashers Happy Hour Presents: A Bog Sour, an Ode to the Bog Wight from The Plot

Join RJ (ArghRJ) as he prepares a Bog Sour at the behest of GateCrasher’s special Halloween guest,The Grave Robber. Now this drink is being made for The Grave Robber’s friend ‘Pickle,’ for RJ will soon learn in order to receive, first you must give.

“…It costs you…It costs you dearly.”

When The Grave Robber calls, you must answer. This time, the request was simple, make a drink to honor its dear departed friend ‘Pickle’. I was given a jar filled with Bog Water and I did my best. Now please, leave me and my family alone.


3 oz Bourbon

2 oz Lemon Juice (freshly squeezed)

1 oz Lime Juice (freshly squeezed)

1 oz Bog Water (1/2 simple syrup 1/2 pickle juice)



10 oz rocks glass

Measured Shot Glass

Cocktail Shaker w/ Strainer


  1. Pour Bourbon into shaker.
  2. Pour Lemon juice and Lime juice into shaker.
  3. Pour Bog Water into shaker.
  4. Shake all ingredients in the shaker for 15 – 20seconds.
  5. Strain ingredients into rocks glass with ice.
  6. Let it settle.
  7. Enjoy!

By RJ Durante

Writer - @ArghRJ

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