GC52 News: DC Comics Released 10/12/2021

The GC52 News Team is back with a look at the latest DC Comics releases!

(Spoilers for DC Comics released 10/12/2021)

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If you missed last week’s report, check it out here.

GC52 News begins at the old faithful time even if the program has been a bit different for the last few weeks. Once again, the news report starts in Gotham City. This time the footage the audience sees is from the BatComputer in the micro Batcave the GC52 team is operating out of for the Fear State. Lead anchor Dan is wrapping his hand preparing to head out into the city.

Dan: Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening to all our wonderful viewers from the docks of Coast City to the furthest reaches of Oa, you are watching the multiverse’s best news show that brings you the news that you need to know! As always, I’m your host, Dan McMahon, doing my part to keep you updated on what is happening up to the minute in Gotham City as the Fear State continues.

We have gotten reports over the past few days of Wonder Woman, Diana herself, saving people all over the Earth. We reached out to the Justice League who didn’t give exact details but their response only leads us to believe that the rumors are true. The trinity is complete again, just as the world needs. Now Ethan, I believe you have a few updates from across Gotham for us. It’d be useful to know before I head out.

The camera cuts to a view of another corner of the Batcave where Ethan is crouched over a monitor, compiling data streaming in from the barely functioning Bat Computer in its currently compromised state.

Ethan: Yup, first up, looks like Batwoman’s been getting involved in the Fear State. After footage of Batgirl attacking civilians was leaked, which has since been proven to be an imposter, Batwoman set out to investigate. She helped out the actual Batgirl in getting away from Magistrate forces, and let me tell you, the footage of that beat down was a joy to watch.

We’ve also had reports that Azrael is back in the city. According to DEO records he’s been in outer space but is back now operating out of Gotham. Seems he took out Bullet-Tooth’s operation. One of the reports state he’s investigating the escaped Arkham patients I mentioned last broadcast but I’m not sure on that just yet.

Seems the Outsiders have been chasing their own leads during the current situation as well. The reports are unclear but there may be two Black Lightning’s working on the team currently. They’ve been tracking down an old student of Jonathan Crane’s, maybe for some info on how to stop him…

It also seems like this new Batman is continuing to hit the streets of Gotham. Delivering justice in his own unique way. Also looks like Commissioner Montoya is still actively resisting becoming a pawn of the Magistrate, she’s one of the good ones I tell you. Now, these are all developing stories so I’ll make sure to keep the updates coming as more reports come in. Dan?

Dan: Thanks Ethan! We now join Thomas in New York City, where he has an update on the ol’ Blue & Gold.

The feed cuts to an overhead shot of Thomas standing among a crowd of people outside the UN building shouting, gesturing, and pointing their phones at something happening out of frame.

Thomas: Hello? Dan? Can anyone hear me? Our regular camera got knocked over, so I’m coming to you live from my phone. I hope I’m holding this high enough… Oh! There it is! An Omnizon has come to Earth to beat up Blue & Gold!

The camera turns to reveal an alien being with forehead wrinkles, dreadlocks, and a giant sword successfully keeps Booster Gold and Blue Beetle apart in a two-against-one fight.

Dan: Thomas, this looks like any day in the life of our scrappy ex-Justice Leaguers. Is there any news about Kord Industries or Booster’s rumored millions pouring in from social media?

Thomas: The Beetle and Goldenrod are broke, Dan! Fighting for clout is all they’ve got left now!

The crowd starts chanting, “Bash the Beetle!” Thomas joins in.

Dan: Thomas, am I hearing that crowd correctly? Are New Yorkers cheering against Blue Beetle in an interplanetary fight? What’s happened to the world these days?

Thomas: Cool your jets Dan, this is New York we’re talking about. Blue Beetle is the Mets of superheroes, it only makes sense that people get riled up for his opposition from time to time.

Dan: I don’t know if that was the best sports analogy…

Brandon’s face briefly takes over the feed.

Brandon: Mariners forever!

Dan: Okay that’s enough cutting away, can we please focus on the story?

Someone takes Thomas’s phone out of his hands.

Random New Yorker #1: No this guy’s right, no one’s cheering the Mets but Chris Christie and that Seinfeld yutz.

Dan: Excuse me, random person, would you please hand the camera back to our correspondent? We don’t take just anybody for the job.

Random New Yorker #2: Yeah, we ain’t the Red Sox!

Thomas, Dan, Brandon, Random New Yorker #1: Heyooo!

Thomas: Haha, this is a fun assignment… What did I come here for, again?

Booster Gold crashes through the roof of a nearby taxi.

Thomas: Oh, right. I’ll keep you posted as this story develops, Dan!

Dan: At least someone is having fun with their job! Let’s pop over to Katie to see how things are going.

The camera cuts to Katie standing in front of an abandoned storage facility. She is wearing a t-shirt reading “CATS RULE, DOGS DROOL” as her pet cat Felicia plays inside a random cardboard box.

Katie: Hello Gotham City! You may not recognize this abandoned area on the outskirts of Gotham City, but you’re sure to remember its name after today’s report! Here at the MacGuffin Warehouse and Storage facility, a St. Bernard-sized dognapping took place. I’m here with Daphne Blake from Mystery Incorporated, who became caught up in this mysterious crime. Daphne, thank you for being here.

Daphne waves excitedly to the camera.

Daphne: It’s my pleasure! You know, I’ve dabbled in news reporting once myself. Maybe you saw my show? Well, it was more of a web show. It was a while ago!

Katie: Yes, we’re all big fans of you, Ms. Blake. But let’s talk about last night! I heard Scooby and billionaire Bruce Wayne’s dog were both dog-napped. How did you manage to track down the dogs to MacGuffin Warehouse here? Also, I didn’t know you were friends with Bruce Wayne!

Daphne: Well, my butler Jenkins went to Butler School with Bruce’s butler, Alfred! What a coincidence, right? So, we were all chatting away when a creepy monster appeared outside the window. Spooky! The three of us went to investigate, and when we turned around, Scooby and Ace were missing!

Katie: What a dognapping! It’s lucky you had two brave butlers by your side. Most people’s butlers would probably run away!

Daphne: Jenkins has been a gem of a butler, even when I was a kid! And Alfred seemed to know a lot about sleuthing from this book he had on hand, “How to Be a Detective.” We had two detectives on the case — Alred and I! 

Katie: Lucky, indeed! Now, I have to ask. Did you lead the butlers into any danger? 

Daphne: No, not this time! It was actually Alfred! He saw the newspaper headline; 32 dogs were taken in the past two weeks! Alred also had the hookup with a large pet food supplier, since he works for the richest man in Gotham. Crime doesn’t pay — but billionaires do!

Katie: I bet you were shocked to find a whole dognapping ring inside this shoddy-looking storage facility when you arrived!

Daphne: We certainly weren’t prepared to find ourselves tied up in the hunt for clues! Although, I guess I should have expected it by now…

Katie: But you managed to free your captors! And you don’t smell like all those dogs! What’s your secret? 

Daphne: My secret? About the escaping or the smell? I use a vegan shampoo–

Katie: Oh, I’ll get your hair product recommendations later! How did you escape yet another dangerous villain? 

Daphne: It turned out, an…odd man named Catman was kidnapping all the dogs in Gotham City in order to make their owners all pay a ransom! I don’t know how he was going to manage to kidnap millions of dogs and pay to feed them all…and clean up their disgusting poop! Anyway, we were actually rescued by Batman and Catwoman! Can you believe it? 

Katie: I heard Batman was fighting off a giant cat on a Gotham City tower along with the rest of your friends too! 

Daphne: Ha, that’s right! When Daphne’s away, Mystery Inc. will play…with more mysteries! 

Katie: I’m delighted to hear that you’re okay and that Scooby and Ace were rescued too — even if I’m more of a cat person myself. Thanks, Daphne. Back to you in the studio, Dan!

The camera cuts back to Dan.

Dan: Next we head back to France to check in with Jimmy who was last seen in that version of Gotham being stalked by a dangerous creature. Jimmy?

The camera cuts to Jimmy who is crouched down in a small enclosure extremely close to the camera. He is sweating profusely and whispering.

Jimmy: Dan, I hope you can hear me. Bobby and I are currently hiding in a boat. We’ve been tracking Jim Gordon who was kidnapped by Lady Bane after she attacked Gordon and Chief Detective Isabella Hallows from Interpol. Lady Bane quickly disarmed Isabella Hallows and be disarmed, Lady Bane ripped off her arm.

Bobby and I managed to follow Lady Bane and Gordon to the port of Marseilles where Lady Bane killed several police officers, downed a helicopter, and stole the boat that Bobby and I were able to sneak onto.

The camera cuts back to Dan who has decided to match Jimmy’s whispering.

Dan: Can you hear what is happening with Gordon? Is Gordon alive? Where is Lady Bane headed? Why are you sweating so much? 

The camera cuts back to Jimmy. He is drenched with sweat. He is continuing to whisper. There are loud thuds being heard from above Jimmy. 

Jimmy: Gordon is alive. I can’t hear where they are headed over the boat engine but it has something to do with Lady Bane being created addicted to venom and designed specifically to kill The Joker. I heard bits and pieces about what Lady Bane has planned for The Joker. She wants to rip out his tongue, bury him for a week, and then burn his body.

Lady Bane seems to want to kill The Joker but not because she was created to kill The Joker. I heard her say she wants to be Jim Gordon’s Venice.

Dan: I think you mean Jim Gordon’s Vengeance.

Jimmy: Yeah, that makes more sense.

A small door quickly swings open and the light from the interior of the boat shines on Jimmy.

Jimmy: Oh shi-

The camera cuts back to Dan.

Dan: It amazes me how he keeps getting into and out of these crazy situations. We got word that Professor Pyg has been apprehended across town in the old Gotham Slaughterhouse. Pyg scares me more than the rest of these Gotham weirdos.

The reason why is that he thinks what he does is art. There doesn’t seem to be a hatred of Batman or anything like that driving him. What drives him is the need to create. To reshape the world in his idea of beauty. Anger is a powerful tool but art is so much stronger. Its effects can be felt for generations. 

Pyg harnesses that into changing people’s entire faces and minds to side with him with his dollotrons… it’s sick. Not even the Penguin crosses the line into hurting children. But… Pyg doesn’t see it as hurting. He sees it as expression… absolutely sick. Let’s check in with Cass…

The feed cuts to footage of a handheld camera. We see Cass on a really beat-up couch, it looks like they recently took a shower and are now in their PJs. 

Cass: Hello There! I’m Cass, your favorite reporter from the future and I’m… exhausted. As some of you may know, I was kidnaped by the Ultra-Humanite (who apparently only kidnaped me because he thought I was Lois Lane’s second cousin, not because of all I know about Kryptonite…) That is just my luck.

But yes, the Ultra-Humanite is back and he is not alone, he has been working with none other than Brainiac. One wanted to take over Superman’s body (again) while the other wanted to eliminate humanity to save planet Earth and keep it in a miniature state. Guess which one is which. 

Of course, Superman stopped them, with the help of amazing reporter (and my all-time hero) Lois Lane. While this was happening Manchester Black, Iron, and Midnighter stopped the attack of a ragtag group of mercenaries that were paid off by Brainiac and the Ultra-Humanite. The rest of the team (the enchantress and Apollo) were off reusing Lightray from the supervillain Eclipso, with the help of Lightray’s bodyguard O.M.A.C. 

This was all just the first mission of “The Authority” (I still think that name is kind of ridiculous), but apparently, they have a bigger mission at hand, the liberation of Warworld. 

Also, don´t tell this to anyone, but I think we all should keep an eye on Lightray. Trust me, I still have access to the cameras of Fortress Superman.

Cass winks to the camera and they turn it off. 

Dan: Well another week here in the multiverse of life… we will see you next week. Remember, be strong in all your convictions.

Books covered this week:

  • Wonder Woman #780 by Michael W. Conrad, Becky Cloonan, Travis Moore, Steve Pugh, Tamra Bonvillain, and Pat Brosseau.
  • Professor Pyg: Little Pyg. Little Pyg. by Christian Ward and Steve Wands.
  • Batwoman: Disinformation Campaign #1 by Alyssa Wong, Vasco Georgiev, Rain Beredo, and Becca Carey.
  • Azrael: Dark Knight of the Soul #1 by Dan Watters, Nikola Cizmesija, Ivan Plascencia, and Ariana Maher.
  • The Outsiders: The Fearful #1 by Brandon Thomas, Cian Tormey, Raul Fernandez, Alejandro Sanchez, and Steve Wands.
  • Blue & Gold #3 by Dan Jurgens, Cully Hamner, Chris Sotomayor and Rob Leigh.
  • The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries #7 by Sholly Fisch, Dario Brizuela, Franco Riesco, and Wes Abbott.
  • The Joker #8 by James Tynion IV, Guillem March, Arif Prianto, and Tom Napolitano.
  • Superman and the Authority #4 by Grant Morrison, Mikel Janín, Jordie Bellaire, and Tom Napolitano.

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