Harley Quinn 2022 Annual is an Action-Packed Ride

Full spoilers ahead!

Harley Quinn 2022 Annual: Task Force XX Ch. 5

Harley Quinn 2022 Annual
Harley Quinn 2022 Annual / DC Comics

Task Force XX reaches its conclusion in Harley Quinn 2022 Annual; I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Harley take the lead with characters she has a history with. Nothing is more interesting to me than when Harley has a connection to everyone in the room.

So if you haven’t been keeping up here’s a quick history lesson: with the Justice League gone, it’s up to Harley Quinn and her Task Force XX to save the world from yet another crisis. Their mission is to retrieve Element X, the tenth metal residue from the Dark Multiverse, from an old Justice League moon base. So many panels had me on edge, especially when I thought Grundy was a goner – it’s ok though, he’s alive, well, as much as he was before the infection of Element X. 

Jace Fox supplied the team with lethal new weapons that enhanced their strengths. You guessed it – Harley got an all-mighty mallet. I have to admit I enjoy the relationship that’s sparking between Harley and Luke. She seems to be getting on the good side of all members of the Bat Family lately. I think it’s nice for her to have people she can rely on.

Phillips is a clever writer, always keeping the story connected to some sort of history important to Harley: “He’s right. I am very encouraged by the validation of others.” is a funny line, but there is a fierce truth to those words. We’ve seen her seek this in all the most relevant relationships of her life; Joker, Ivy, and even Batman.

Georges Duarte and Simone Buonfantino had me swooning over Harley’s expressions and placement. She looked as cute as a button in her new outfit and long locks. The colors are extremely balanced, and I have to praise Duarte and Buonfantino for the homage variants they have gifted us with over the past couple of weeks. An absolute treat to anyone’s collection!

Written by Stephanie Phillips
Art by Georges Duarte and Simone Buonfantino  
Colours by Romulo Fajardo Jr 
Letters by Andworld Design

Harley Quinn 2022 Annual: What Happens in Vegas

Harley Quinn 2022 Annual / DC Comics

The Harley Quinn 2022 Annual also features another storyline setting us up for a new arc in Harley’s life, continuing on September 27th! Luke Fox gave Harley a large sum of money, landing herself and Kevin in Vegas. The pair can finally begin anew, perhaps even stay there for a while. Although, with every great story, there must be a twist. 

The FBI is following Harley looking for a stowaway alien that has taken refuge in Harley’s Vegas penthouse. Perhaps it hitched a ride back from space when she was almost killed by Element X? We can expect things to heat up regardless as the issue is named “Who Killed Harley Quinn?”. I love a good murder multiverse mystery, I say bring it on!

I also adored the different look on her, it’s always refreshing to see her in fun clothes; always an extension of her expression. Overall, the Harley Quinn 2022 Annual is a hopeful setup for another highly anticipated adventure filled with familiar faces and new directions! 

Written by Stephanie Phillips
Art by David Baldeon 
Colours by Antonio Fabela 
Letters by Andworld Design

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