DC Pride 2023 #1 – A Heartfelt Look at Queer Identity

DC Comics celebrates Pride with a veritable who’s who of queer talent.

Welcome gays, gals, and nonbinary pals! Our favorite time of year has come around – DC Comic’s Annual Pride celebration! A heartfelt forward by Phil Jimenez opens DC Pride 2023 #1 – the world is festering so many horrible scenarios it is vital we carry on as loud and as proud as we can. We will not allow ourselves to be silenced. Queer is here to stay. DC editors and publishers throw so much of their own experience into stories that resonate with millions of people worldwide. It’s a truly special and uplifting book. I’m inspired by Jimenez’s words and thankful for DC to give space to such a crucial part of many people’s identities. 

DC Pride 2023 #1
DC Pride 2023 #1

This year’s book features an array of unique styles, techniques, and characters who all share the same common denominator – love. Each story holds similar messaging while remaining stunningly individual. Be it in another universe, a deserted island, within the Speed Force, a simulation, or even if your soul is trapped inside a glowing ball; love will find its way home to those who nurture it. 

Doing anything for love is continuous within this Pride issue; which is vital regarding Queer representation – we of all people understand the endless tiring fight to be seen and accepted – damn right we will do what it takes and fight for our love. Even if that means risking everything to spend a fraction of a second with your loved one. 

Powerful important messages – tributes to those who fought for Queer rights in the past – highlighting the message we must not back away from the world and how it views us – we deserve to take up space and obtain the same opportunities as those who present differently. We must unite as one. Awareness is necessary – acceptance is crucial.

DC Pride 2023 #1
DC Pride 2023 #1

This year’s Pride issue celebrates all kinds of Queer identities, giving room and a voice to all as one – we must protect the community and celebrate not only during Pride month but all year round; it’s important for young people who are Queer to have accepting and relatable media and also for the older generation to find peace knowing the world is finally hearing them. 

Featuring genuine honest conversations regarding support and acceptance. Using beloved characters as the mouthpiece for inclusivity is extremely intimate and healing. Acceptance among chosen family with the understanding that you can build a family filled with those who love and appreciate you for who you are. 

DC Pride 2023 #1

Also contained within is a tribute to Rachel Pollack who sadly passed away in April this year, a trailblazing trans woman in comics having a successful and influential impact on many projects, including Doom Patrol. Proof that Queer is creative, smart, beautiful, and extremely important. Be bold and brilliant and push away the ignorance and pessimists of the world. The beautiful messages from all of her friends were eye-watering, reading how important she was to so many people. She lives up to her outstanding reputation.

Each year the editors at DC work hard to bring you the best stories from fellow Queer individuals all eager to share their stories and work. What’s better than supporting our community? Be sure to pick up your copy of DC Pride 2023 #1 this week to experience the true magic.

DC Pride 2023 #1
Forward by Phil Jimenez
Written by Grant Morrison, Leah Williams, Nadia Shammas, A.L. Kaplan, Josh Trujillo, Jeremy Holt, Mildred Louis, Rex Ogle, Christopher Cantwell, and Nicole Maines.
Art by Hayden Sharma, Paulina Ganucheau, Bruka Jones, Don Aguillo, Andrew Drilon, Stephen Sadowski, Skylar Patridge, and Rye Hickman.
Colors by Marissa Louise, Tamra Bonvillain, Enrica Eren Angiolini, Dearbhla Kelly, and Bex Glendining.
Letters by Aditya Bidikar, Frank Cverkovic, Lucas Gattoni, Ariana Maher, Morgan Martinez, and Rusty Gladd.
Pinups by Claire Roe with Tríona Farrell, Babs Tarr, Angel Solorzano, Travis Moore with Tamra Bonvillain, Noah Dao, Maria Llovet, and Brandt & Stein,
Covers by Mateus Manhanini, Gabriel Picolo, Oscar Vega, and Jen Bartel.
Edited by Jessica Chen, Jillian Grant, Michael McCalister, Sara Miller, Andrea Shea, Arianna Tuturro, and Chris Conroy.

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