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GateCrashers & Vault Pride WhatNot Fundraiser on June 28th

Protect queer lives.

The auction will be on June 28th  at 5PM Eastern, 2PM Pacific on Whatnot, the live auction app and website. The show is linked below.

GateCrashers has teamed up again with Vault Comics to do our second annual Pride Fundraiser. This year is for the Trans Lifeline. Below is the official press release. I just wanted to give a bit more information on the why on the event. 

Last year, we were planning our Pride month content which revolved heavily around DC’s Pride anthology as it did the year before. For the first year, I donated to a charity on my own, as I did with our Young Animal project. But we were much larger last year than the year before, so it felt like I wasn’t living by the GateCrashers mission. We have always wanted to be a platform where people’s voices can be heard and use them to make a difference. So I talked to different members with the idea of some sort of Pride fundraiser to raise funds for a local LGBTQIA+ group. I started reaching out to friends and former guests, but we wanted to do more. So I made a call to Vault to see if they wanted to team up, and thankfully they did

Planning the Whatnot stream with Dan Crary went extremely smooth, even though we didn’t have a huge time frame to plan. This year we have had a bit more time to plan and get things ready, so I hope we can make an even bigger impact. 

At the end of the day, this is about using our platforms to help whoever we can. It’s all the GateCrashers and I want to do. Using our love of things to make the world better for everyone.

Pride Funraiser Vault WhatNot

Press Release

MISSOULA, MT–Vault Comics is thrilled to announce their second annual Pride Charity Auction in partnership with Gatecrashers! Taking place on June 28th, on Vault’s Whatnot account, 100% of money raised will be donated to Trans Lifeline!

Auction items will include original art, rare signed comics, exclusive editions, and amazing pop culture finds! Patton Oswalt, Jordan Blum, Tim Seeley, and Sally Cantorino many more creators have donated incredible items! Any creators who would like to donate to the auction can contact Daniel Crary with Vault Comics at

During this period of unprecedented attacks on the Trans community all across America, silence is not an option. Vault comics stands behind the LGBTQAI+ community. We hope that this auction can raise funds for Trans Lifeline’s essential efforts to support a community that is under direct threat.

The auction will be on June 28th at 5PM Eastern, 2PM Pacific on Whatnot, the live auction app and website. The show is linked below.

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