Power Girl Special #1 Brings Forward a New Beginning

Brilliant storytelling and beautiful art brings Power Girl back into the spotlight.

Power Girl Special #1
Writer – Leah Williams 
Artist – Marguerite Sauvage
Colorists: Marguerite Sauvage and Marissa Louise 
Letterer: Becca Carey

Power Girl Special #1 certainly is special! It’s been over a decade since we’ve seen her in a solo series. I’ve enjoyed her features in previous works but it’s wonderful to have her back solo and furthering her development all the more for fans to enjoy. With a new look, powers, and dilemma, we are thrown straight into collective psychosis. In an apocalyptic setting, Power Girl is forced to look within herself for the answers in order to defeat her demons.  

Power Girl Special #1
Power Girl Special #1

This is a serious storyline and a rather sensitive one Leah Williams is telling here – one almost glossed over with vibrant popping colors as if there to break the fall of the gut-wrenching emotions Power Girl deals with. A story about seeking connections all while being terrified of rejection. Too stubborn to allow yourself to possibly be hurt again. The grief of mourning who you once were and who you believe you will never be. A story about the importance of family, and healing your inner child – it’s exactly what you’d expect from a Super family comic. Like Superman, there is unity, healing, respect, and most importantly, hope.

There is a balanced blend of numerous characters without losing sight of the main plot or pulling too far away from Power Girl. I adored Omen and Power Girl together. Their chemistry is written incredibly well. I could write an entire monologue about Johnny Sorrow, he’s a true villain, manipulative and enduring. It’s also exciting to see the whole Super family all in one book. I had mixed emotions as I felt a connection to both the villains and the heroes. The script was perfectly paced not wasting a single moment. I don’t have a great attention span, yet Power Girl Special #1 managed to hold my complete focus. Hats off to the team for beginning the new Power Girl solo with a bang. 

Power Girl Special #1

I’m a huge fan of Marguerite Sauvage, with her distinct style and colors. Alluring art is magnetic to me. You can catch her art miles off. I jumped at the opportunity to gush about it. She’s one of my absolute favorites. My walls are littered with her work. The Horse Man panel is absolutely stunning; anyone would get lost in the fantasy. That’s the one word that kept coming to mind while looking at this art was alluring – is it possible to be attracted to art? I understand why people pay millions for art now – give me a large canvas of Johnny Sorrow by Sauvage and I’d stare at it all day, no problem. I know he’s sleazy – but Sauvage certainly can draw some handsome devils. Some great artists joined in on the fun with their variant covers and they’re most definitely collector material. 

Power Girl Special #1 is a brilliant start and I’ll be adding the series to my pull list for the plot…and attractive art. Thanks to the team for rebirthing the character while handling it with care. I hope you enjoy reading Power Girl’s new debut as much as I did! 

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