Power Girl #1 Review

Power Girl #1 hits shelves this week, and what a great first issue! Following on from events in Knight Terrors: a strange Kryptonian virus has broken out and it’s up to the Superfamily to get to the bottom of its source. 

Power Girl has gone undercover to blend in with civilians, with a new alter ego named Paige. I’m loving the name and glasses. We can’t have a Superfamily member without the iconic glasses, it feels like a necessity for members at this point. I enjoy DC characters more when they have alter egos. I think hiding amongst humans is interesting to me. I’ve always loved disguises growing up. I believe this is particularly why I take so well to fictional characters balancing between both.

Shout out to Omen too, she’s a fitting team member and quite simply, I find her really cool! Each story needs comedic relief and there’s no better personality than a telekinetic to fill that position. She’s a great character and I’m praying we get some in-depth storylines with her. It would be a waste to hold that much power and not allow us to bask in the glory.

We have a big team coming together to bring this story to life. Pansica, Ferreira, and Fajardo Jr’s art is lovely, simple yet sufficient, and gorgeous close-ups with talented, gifted panels. Williams impressed me on the Power Girl Special – showing her ability to really tell a story well while not remaining too serious. I’m genuinely invested in the well-being of each character. 

Power Girl #1 / Williams, Pansica, Ferreira, Fajardo Jr., and Carey / DC Comics

I like how Power Girl’s intelligence is not downplayed as we’ve seen the character many times throughout the years. She’s more than Superman’s cousin and has a lot to offer as a character. I’m confident the team has her best interest at heart to flesh her out and provide substance.

Power Girl finally seems comfortable in the Superfamily. It’s nice to see that previous stories have shown her feeling extremely out of place with a lack of confidence in herself and disregard for her importance. Nothing better than a woman realizing her worth!

Carey’s lettering was one thing that really stood out to me, especially at the start of the issue. It is interesting to see parts of dialogue cut out. Exactly how you wouldn’t fully listen to someone speaking in a room at an event, missing a few words here and there while occupied with something else. It’s a clever and realistic placement.

Amalak is an intriguing antagonist – I feel they’re a real challenge and won’t be easy to defeat, giving us solid content and a buildable story arc. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of them.

Honorable mention to Frank Chos variant for this issue because it features Nathan (Harley Quinn’s sausage dog). I would follow that doggo anywhere. Yes, I did run to buy it solely for this reason. Honestly, there is not a single variant that I wouldn’t want, you’d need a lot of self-control to not buy them all, or go ahead and buy them all. You can guarantee they will look stunning in your collection.

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