The Plot

“In Order to Receive… First You Must Give.”

“In Order to Receive, First You Must Give”

Today is the finale of GateSlashers, which features my favorite comic of all time, The Plot. A story about a family that must face it’s monsters, to change a pattern of generational trauma that is sunk into the very ground beneath the family’s home. The story was co-written by Tim Daniel and Michael Morecei with art by Joshua Hixson, colors by Jordan Boyd and Kurt Michael Russel, and letters by Jim Campbell.

To say I talk about this comic a lot is an understatement. This book came to me during a time where I was working to finally face my own monsters, my own mental illness. I was working to unpack things handed down to me from generations of people before me.

But most of all, I was working on the inability to face the things that scared me and make the changes I needed before I was pulled down into the bog that the Blaine family is all too familiar with in the story. This story showed me strength I didn’t know I had, taught me lessons I needed to learn, and has rooted it’s way into my heart forever. Good art has a way of changing you. Art can inspire people in ways they could never even imagine when it finds you at the right time.

This episode serves as our 3-Year anniversary episode of GateCrashers. An episode where Jake and I talk about all of those complicated feelings of family, depression, and a lot more. As we read, recorded, and prepped all of this… we faced monsters in our lives. I am thankful that Jake and I were able to be there for one another as we deal with some rather heavy life things. This is a story of brothers who didn’t see each other until it was too late. I am thankful that Jake and I have done this thing together from the start with Mike, the third GateCrashers brother. I have never been the best communicator but I am not sure where my life would be without these people who have been with me for almost my entire life.

GateCrashers is a group of people brought together by the desire to do whatever we can to help others find joy. To help them find a world that they can escape to when things are too hard. To find stories that give them the strength to face their own monsters. All we want is to tear down those barriers between you and the things that may change your life. Our goal is to tear down those gates put up by people, fear, and any other monster standing in your way.

I hope you take the time to read The Plot and it finds you, like it found me. This episode means a lot to me. I am very excited to share it with you.

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