GC52: The News on Future State Week 7

GC52 finally gets in on the action as we cover week 7 of Future State.

With so much going on in the world today, only one broadcast network can bring YOU the news that YOU want. Coming to you LIVE from the Gotham City GC52 recording studio, The GC52 Week 7 Future State Report!

Words in italics signify actions or descriptions.

(Spoilers for Week 7 of DC Comics Future State)

Fifteen minutes before the broadcast began, a video popped up on the GC52 Twitter account. The video had no visual as if someone turned on their phone camera and placed it face down on a table. There was a familiar voice in the audio though. It was that of the lead anchor, Dan McMahon. Those who caught the video heard this statement before the weekly broadcast began.

I know this has been extremely hard on all of us but bringing the news to the people is important. After tonight though, we are going to bring them the truth. Jerry put everything in place… just wait for my lead. You are going to know loud and clear when it’s go time. If it doesn’t work out, hey we end up in the Magistrate detention center but nothing is worse than this…

The video ends on those words. The normal broadcast begins at the same time as usual, everything seeming in place for once. The lead anchor, Dan McMahon, sits at his desk as he taps some papers so they are unified before placing them down in front of him.

Good evening, Earth-Prime! I hope you had a wonderful week and I could not be happier that you are joining us here tonight. We do have to start tonight’s program off on a somber note though. The Man of Steel, Superman, otherwise known as Clark Kent has been missing for quite some time. We have received reports that will not be changing anytime soon. Numerous reports from non-Earth species have been letting us know that our symbol of hope’s battles on Warworld are not ending anytime soon.

We send him all our thoughts but there must be a reason he fights. There is always a reason for us to fight… On that note, let’s throw it over to Bartholomew to see how things are going in his neck of the woods. I hope things are cooling down for him!

The camera cuts to Barty, who is still having the finishing touches of his makeup put on before realizing that he’s now live. He shoos the artist away and quickly attaches his clip-on tie, ready as he will ever be.

Yes, yes, hello and good evening, Gotham. This is Bartholomew T. Iddy, and tonight I shall return to regaling you with the tale…of the end of the world!

He pauses for dramatic effect, as if giving viewers a moment to soak in what he just said, and pull themselves closer to the edge of their seats. 

Now, where last we left off, that unholy, dark monster of a New (is he still new? What even is time to these things?) God crashed into Earth, with only destruction as his goal. But hope is not lost as the glorious visage of Superman, who is now rocking the kind of beautiful gray fox look that no mere mortal could ever achieve, is seen fighting side-by-side with Wonder Woman. It was, in a word, remarkable. They each traded blows and it seemed like Supes and Wonder Woman were getting overwhelmed. Before I even knew it, with fear in my bones, I saw Superman and the dark one vanish in an incredible explosion of light, the likes of which I can’t barely begin to comprehend.

Barty pauses for a moment again, but with a look of concern clearly foreign to his face.

I…I think the sun blew up…Jesus Christ. What happened next, we may never know, but I’m not so sure I want to. Is this what our future holds? No, I can’t believe that. Surely this is just one of those “alternate realities” or what have you. I am beginning to think this may be above my paygrade…let’s get back down to Earth before my mind completely slips away. Jerry! Get me an update on the situation with the new Batman fellow, NOW!

Jerry dashes onto the set immediately, delivering a piece of paper to Barty with an updated script on it.

For some news on a more local scene, apparently this poor bastard was getting strangled by one of the people he was trying to save. What incredible competency, another fine showing for the masks! He’s just absolutely killing it out there, showing the people of Gotham why he’s the right man for the job. Following right in the tracks of the “old” Batman, about to get himself killed as we-

Barty is cut off by a sound of yelling from Jerry off-screen, about live-footage being broadcast of a chase in development.

Jerry! Why are you wasting my time yelling this to me?! When instead you could be ROLLING THE $&%#&@! FOOTAGE! My god, man! Ahem, sorry, folks, but there is, I’ve been told, a car chase happening as we speak between this Bat-fool and the Magistrate, so let’s take a look at that, shall we?

Roll clip of Next Batman ripping up the streets in an attempt to get away unharmed with the suspects he was trying to save.

To say the least, this guy is a loose &$^%&#* cannonball, destroying our city streets, trying to stop those appointed to uphold justice in our fair Gotham, and what does it lead to? He attacks a civilian! We here at GC52 hope she sees a speedy recovery, no one deserves to be attacked by a vigilante in our city. Not anymore. The clown then gets to work beating down on a Magistrate agent and-

Barty is interrupted by something off-screen, demanding his acknowledgement, which he complies with immediately.

I think that’s about enough of that miserable sight for tonight. Perhaps things are going better in another part of Gotham? We turn now to Dan, hopefully for some good news. Dan?

For the first time, Dan is smiling as Iddy throws it back to him before a segway to the next report.

Sounds like one fast and furious kind of night in Gotham City, sounds like it is only going to get more bumpy for the Magistrate! Let’s check in with Jake to see what’s new.

Three taps from the tip of an umbrella is the first thing the audience hears as the camera cuts to the scarred sleuth, Jake McMahon, now reporting on traffic in front of a map of Gotham. 

Well folks, as you can see folks…

Jake uses his walking umbrella to point to the map set up on a green screen behind him.

Traffic is going to be a bit rocky as a train loaded with dangerous criminals has gone a bit haywire. Reports say it was Catwoman running a classic western train heist, others claim it was a daring rescue operation. 

Jake taps his ear piece to listen to his source tell him something that leaves the smuggest of smirks on his face. He taps the screen three times and it changes to Nightwing and Batman talking with Peacekeeper-06.

It seems as though Nightwing and the new Batman have evaded capture by the Magistrate, and in the process has recorded evidence that the Magistrate has been executing masks that surrender to them and civilians, including a young girl by the name Sarah Dowell. The footage is being distributed and shown across the country from the big name networks to the smallest local ones. 

He tosses his umbrella up into the air, only to catch it in the middle. He points what seems to be an odd bird shaped handle towards the audience. 

How will the organization deal with this massive revelation that members of its organizations are carrying out such brutality on the people of Gotham City?

The camera pans back over to Dan who has an astonished look on his face.

Jake, you made it through an entire broadcast without getting injured. Our insurance agencies are all sighing with relief…they should hold their breadth though. Let’s kick it over to Ethan to see how he’s doing tonight!

The camera cuts to Ethan, who doesn’t greet the audience as usual, he isn’t even taking a sip of something alcoholic. Instead, he’s listening intently to an audio message being played in the studio and to the viewers at home.

<< This is a message for The Authority. Midnighter reporting. I’m not sure if you’ll receive this but my situation on Warworld is ongoing. I’ve defeated Trojan, I think. But a version of myself is caught in a time-loop, and me? Well, I’ve been transported to the past to try and stop this before it all begins. If you do get this, send some help huh, please? >>

As the message comes to an end Ethan quietly swears.

I’d hoped he’d be here in time for this, oh well, I’m sure we’ll make it through anyway. As you just heard folks, it seems part of the troubles regarding Warworld are ongoing. Though the hero known as Midnighter, because that’s what he is, a hero damn it, is working on a fix. Maybe this will end up helping the Superman situation as well. We’ll of course keep you updated on this situation.

As he finishes, intern Jerry runs up all excited and whispers in Ethan’s ear. His eyes light up, whispering a thank you to the intern before flashing a beaming smile in Dan’s direction. He starts reporting on a new incident.

News just reaching us from the Magistrate Detention Center is indicating a massive riot has been ongoing for the better part of 15 minutes. It seems it’s being led by the ex-Batgirl known as Spoiler. There have also been reports from the Center of a breach in the command room and that a message from The Resistance is forthcoming.

He holds a hand to his ear, something’s coming through on his earpiece.

In fact, I think it’s here.

As Ethan’s report on the Magistrate Detention Center is cut short by this interruption, every screened device in the audience’s home begins to play the same message. The Oracle’s message is not missed by a single person before the broadcast returns.

The report returns to the studio where the Magistrate’s Peacekeepers seem to be getting the transmission in their helmets. A large familiar smile sweeps over Dan’s face as he looks to Jake and Ethan before he grips his news desk. With one mighty movement, the table flips onto its side as Dan ducks behind it. The audience can see red alarms going off through the studio as Jake and Ethan move from their normal positions. 

When the viewers see Dan again, a large metal device is strapped across his back, and in his hands is a large weapon familiar to older viewers who grew up before the Magistrate’s tyranny. Large red goggles cover his eyes as he turns towards Bartholomew T. Iddy’s news desk where he looks panicked. 

Honestly, I can’t even tell you it was ice to meet you. I hope they have a defroster in Hell. 

As Dan finishes his message to the Magistrate’s appointed reporter, a large beam of ice fires from the weapon on his back. In a split second, Iddy is nothing more than a large block of ice as the other reporters take their revenge. The camera person turns the camera towards Ethan.

Ethan pulls out an orange-and-green gun, takes aim, and shoots it at the reflective window of the control room. He quickly runs up to the studio-assigned Peacekeeper, and leaps before his foot impacts with the Peacekeeper’s chest, which sends him stumbling into the now liquid reflection of the window. The Peacekeeper is pulled in, trapped in the Mirror-Dimension. A small bark of satisfaction is uttered by Ethan.

That’s for breaking my nose, you bastard.

The camera quickly jerks towards Jake as to not miss the action for viewers like you. Jake opens his umbrella inside, turns the bird handle, and sprays a sleeping gas at the Peacekeepers. Some fall, but others catch on quickly and put on gas masks. As they charge at the intrepid investigative journalist with their batons raised, he turns the handle again causing a blade to come out the other end and makes quick work of them. 

Thank you, Cobblepot. 

The camera turns back to the main news desk where Dan is not standing on a block of ice that was once a peacekeeper with the weapon over his shoulder. The audience can see him pulling his phone from his pocket as he makes a call that the viewers can hear.

Send in the resistance, we are securing the Newsroom now, Dick.

From off camera, the slamming over doors can be heard as members of the Resistance make their way in to help the GC52 News Team take back control of their office. Once of them stands in front of the camera as he removes his mask, it’s the reporter Alex that was taken away during their first broadcast.

Batman lives! We’re taking back this city! The Magistrate will fall! Rise up, people of Gotham! No longer will we fall prey to these jack-booted fascist thugs and their misguided sense of “protection.” My team is seizing this network, this factory of propaganda, and this is only the beginning. Gotham is ours to defend, and we’re kicking these bastards out at long last. This shit ends tonight.

From behind the Resistance leader, Dan pops his out.

We hope to see you next week! As usual, stay safe but also do your part. Pants a Peacekeeper!

Books covered this week:

  • Superman: Worlds of War #2 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Mikel Janín, Jordie Bellaire, and Dave Sharpe
  • Midnighter: Future State #2 by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, Michael Avon Oeming, Jordie Bellaire, and Travis Lanham
  • The Next Batman: Future State #4 by John Ridley, Laura Braga, Nick Derington, Arif Prianto, and Clayton Cowles
  • Batgirls: Future State #2 by Vita Ayala, Aneke, Trish Mulvihill, and Becca Carey
  • Immortal Wonder Woman: Future State #2 by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, Jen Bartel, and Pat Brosseau
  • Catwoman: The Great Train Robbery #2 by Ram V, Otto Schmidt, and Tom Napolitano
  • Nightwing: Once Upon a Night in Gotham #2 by Andrew Constant, Nicola Scott, Ivan Plascencia, and Wes Abbott

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