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The GC52 News Team is back and bringing you the latest updates from the DC Universe.

Spoilers for DC Comics July 2022

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The GC52 Logo appears on televisions, computers, and all other types of viewing devices at its normally scheduled time. Lead Anchor Dan McMahon sits at his news desk, ice-clinking about as he swirls his ice tea on his desk. The setting sun sparkles off the crown jewel of the City of Tomorrow in the background. The GC52 intro music begins to dim as the actual program begins as Dan turns to the camera with a smile on his face.

DC Comics July 2022
DC Comics July 2022

Dan: Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening to all our wonderful viewers from the docks of Coast City to the furthest reaches of Oa, you are watching the multiverse’s best news show that brings you the news that you need to know! As always, I’m your host, Dan McMahon, doing my part to bring you up-to-the-minute updates on the worlds you live in!

Before we get into the news, I wanted to give some advice to you patrons of the arts out there. A new opera opened in Gotham City that may be worth going into the city for. It’s called “L’Auriga” and I won’t get into any story details but let’s say there isn’t just one giant bat in Gotham tonight. Unless Man-Bat is about, then it’s three. Speaking of Bats… Batman was spotted fighting what passers-by described as a very large melting man. It is believed that it had Batman on the ropes until one Talia Al Ghul stepped in to save the day. Maybe Batman is getting slower in his old age… let’s check in with Chad about all the happenings on his new Earth!

Chad sits at a card table with his feet propped on top of it. After being asked to not sit at the main desk because Dan was back in the office, he had to make do with what he could find. His feet quickly swept off the desk and onto the floor as he saw the red light of the camera indicating he was live.

DC Comics July 2022
DC Comics July 2022

Chad: So this Dr. Psycho dude sucks. There’s a bunch of bros all around the world cheering this freak on like he’s some sort of savior. I’m not going to stand for it. I’m going to say the truth plain and clear here on GC52. People who drink milk like it’s a regular drink are bad people. It’s weird. If you drink milk with your meatloaf or steak without being in a stereotypical 1950’s nuclear family then you’re probably a serial killer. I’m not here to tiptoe around those eggshells. Dr. Psycho is putting extremely bad vibes out there and normalizing something horrible.

Dan’s voice comes from across the set.

Dan: Chad, that’s your line in the sand with him? Not the mennist narrative that is clearly aimed at the red hat-wearing lunatics of the world? Also, try not to call viewers serial killers, it does a number to the ratings.

Chad: Oh yeah… that shit sucks too. This dude is out here with some other weirdo called the Duke of Deception like he’s some pop star in the ’80s. Gonna have to say dudes do not rock this time. All of Wonder Woman’s gang got taken down by Villain Inc though so that shit sucks. Her boyfriend got captured by a needle fetishist. So if she needs any backup, can you give her my number dude?

The camera turns back to Dan who is pinching the bridge of his nose.

DC Comics July 2022
DC Comics July 2022

Chad: Titans Towers stands in ruin as a team of child superhero predators descends upon all of the heroes looking to take up the legacies of the fallen. At the tip of the spear is the ultimate predator himself, the one they call Deathstroke the terminator. Despite having his ass handed to him by the number 1 ass in the universe Nightwing, Deathstroke, and his lackeys still won the day. They’ve put out a warning to anyone looking to play hero that if they do then they’ll be put down… 

In the far reaches of space, a group of green glow stick enthusiasts breaks one of their members, Kyle Rayner, out of space prison. Hopefully, these intergalactic ring slingers can make it to Earth to help out with this Dark Crisis we are in! Over to you V!

The camera cuts over to Violet’s corner of the studio, and images of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are broadcast across the screen behind her.

DC Comics July 2022
DC Comics July 2022

Violet: Hi all – I’m covering Harley and Ivy today! Not together I’m afraid. Nonetheless, I have been keeping tabs on them both for you all. 

Violet shuffles her notes.

Violet: Starting with Harley – if you haven’t heard; then you must be living under a rock or have a terrible news source. Harley was shot by The Verdict! Don’t worry though she’s ok – besides getting evicted…and y’know getting shot but trust me – she got her revenge. Verdict took City Hall captive, leaving it up to Batwoman and Harley to save the day. My inside source told me Harley sort of jumped the gun on Batwoman and didn’t exactly follow the plan but regardless; she managed to save City Hall, receive an apology, and walked away proud of who she was. 

Speaking of pride – Poison Ivy certainly is sticking to her plan to save the world from itself. Itself being the human race. The police haven’t caught on to her yet but our drones have been following her. I think she’s almost caught onto them. 

We’ve discovered she is releasing “lamia spores” into the air, infecting people and killing them while creating new life simultaneously. The Gardener mentioned how she struggles to let go of her Queen Ivy stage. She explained how she felt as if she were a God. In a world filled with Gods and Monsters – with people already painting you as the monster, wouldn’t you try and be a God? That’s all I have for this week folks, as always it’s a pleasure, have a great week! 

The camera cuts to the interior of what appears to be a truck. Inside, Shifu Piggy and the Monkey Prince, in his civilian identity of Marcus Sun, are talking. The camera zooms in deeply to what appears to be Bobby and his assistant Jeffy. 

DC Comics July 2022
DC Comics July 2022

Bobby: Hello, GateCrashers! In our odyssey to cover the adventures of the Monkey Prince, we decided to get inside Shifu Piggy’s truck and check on what they’re up to!

Jeffy: I feel like we’re breaking a lot of rules here sir.

Bobby: I believe in getting the story at all costs Jeffy. 

Jeffy: Even when it involves stealing some experimental belts from The Atom’s lab? I am pretty sure we’re gonna get in big trouble for this.

Bobby: Not in front of the camera! And besides, it wasn’t really stealing. We were “borrowing” the belts. And when you think about it, The Atom gets free guinea pigs to test out the belts! You got the camera rolling?

Jeffy: Yessir.

Bobby: Please cut that bit from the broadcast. Do I look good? Nevermind. I think I look good. 

Bobby looks at the camera and stands upright.

Bobby: Well folks, this is what I have learned from being in this truck for…how many hours Jeffy?

Jeffy: Hours? I think you mean like 20 minutes.

Bobby: Potato potahto. Anyways, we know that the Monkey Prince is the son of the Monkey King. But we’ve learned a little more about him. It’s fascinating stuff. He arose out of a rock that absorbed what I assume were spiritual energies and established himself as the ruler of the monkeys. He established a reputation but he was afraid of one thing: death.

Jeffy: A fear that reminds us of our mortality.

Bobby: Indeed Jeffy. There’s more I would like to discuss, and before I do so, we gotta find a way out of this truck. 

Jeffy: I think that’s gonna take a while, sir. 

Bobby: Dang it.

The newsfeed then cuts to Blüdhaven, a city undergoing change since the attack on the Alfred Pennyworth Foundations Haven, as twenty police officers have been exposed for their attack on the houseless communities on the city all thanks to the corrupt commissioner, Gil Maclean, and crime boss, Blockbuster aka Roland Desmond. Appearing on camera to report on the situation is literal fur missile, Mr. Tubes, and his spectral sidekick, Zeb the Ghostboy. 

DC Comics July 2022


Mr. Tubes: Think human not pig? Am wrong?


Mr. Tubes: Federal agents have come to take Maclean away.

Zeb: YO I’LL GO CHECK OUT BLOCKBUSTER’S PLACE! You go cover that press conference!

Mr. Tubes deploys a drone, and the Ghostboy and ferret in a mech suit part ways flying in opposite directions. Arriving at the press conference, the Attorney General and Mayor Zucco announced that Maggie Sawyer will be the new Commissioner of Blüdhaven!

Mr. Tubes: Neat!

Zeb meanwhile ghosts his face into a wall and sees Blockbuster beating the Electrocutioner to a pulp for potentially being a traitor.

Zeb: Yikes! I should have gone with Tubes. 

The camera then cuts to pre-recorded footage of the sandy beaches of Lazarus Island. Daring journalist Jake and his martial arts master Lady Shiva are sipping from coconuts as the island has gone from death fight island to safe haven for fighters! But they see the sight of LORD DEATH MAN come up and beg for help, claiming Flatline has gone feral on his operations in Tokyo. Robin and Hawke chain him up as a prisoner as they go off to investigate in Tokyo. Leaving island newcomer and Robin’s cousin, Mara, in charge of the prisoner.

DC Comics July 2022

Shiva: You go see what’s going on in Tokyo. I wanna watch this experiment break out into a fight. 

Jake: Fine but just report if anything eventful happens.

The feed then goes live in Tokyo showing Jake following Robin, Hawke, and the Batman of Japan into the lair of Lord Death Man to see what exactly is going on. 

Jake: Well that was kinda a big nothing. Flatline just baby-proofed the lair and that bothered LDM but he really just wanted to take Lazarus Island cause its got a skull mountain. Anything on your end Shiva.

Shiva’s voice comes across the feed.

Shiva: Lord Death Man and Mother Soul were kissing.

Jake: Weird. 

The transition ends and the camera cuts to Ethan’s Gotham apartment which has been decked out into a fully operational monitoring hub for GC52 (all thanks to his DEO connections, but the less said about that the better). On one of the computer screens is video footage of a destroyed building, another of Batman carrying a bleeding Robin, and on a third; an image of the latest Gotham Gazzette, with the headline “PENGUIN DEAD – BATMAN PRIME SUSPECT” emblazoned on it. Ethan sits on a chair taking in all this before turning to face the camera.

DC Comics July 2022

Ethan: Hi all, as you can see, things have not been quiet in Gotham of late. The murder of socialites Colin and Clara Fitzroy set off a series of events the city is still trying to come to terms with. The Batman apprehended the murderer on the scene but it quickly became clear he was just a hired stooge for The Penguin; whose plans were quickly revealed via a broadcast sent to, well, damn near everyone in Gotham.

Said broadcast begins playing on one of the monitors behind Ethan. Oswald Cobblepot can be seen, his beak-like nose and oversized monocle taking up most of the video. In the footage; he monologues about hating the rich, how the murder of the Fitzroys was just the beginning, and that the days of Gotham’s wealthy are numbered. The video pauses, leaving The Penguin’s visage staring out at the GC52 audience as Ethan turns back to the camera.

Ethan: Now, anyone who has half a brain on them will know Cobblepot was born into money and stayed that way ever since. One need only walk into the Iceberg Lounge to see that (though I don’t recommend it if you want your bank account to survive). This all leads to the conclusion that his plan was not just about “serving it to the rich”. But what exactly it was remains a mystery.

The next stage of this master plan proved to be the most destructive. As you can see on this screen, the Flugelheim Gala was attacked, the building almost fully brought to the ground by Penguin’s attack. Luckily, there were no casualties due to the timely arrival of Batman and Robin, and the entire crowd of socialites was shielded from the crumbling building by Clayface of all people.

The Penguin’s goons who were present at the Gala were all apprehended, but not before one of them managed to shoot Robin. There has been no news on Gotham’s beloved Boy Wonder since. The last we saw of him, as you can see here, is Batman rushing him into the Batmobile and speeding off.

Indicating the footage showing this, Ethan takes a moment before drawing the attention of the audience to the Gotham Gazette and its inflammatory headline.

Ethan: And this is where we get to the big news; Oswald Cobblepot, The Penguin, is dead. Having been brought into Gotham General hospital for health concerns the night after Robin was shot. Batman was shortly after discovered by a nurse standing over the now dead Penguin, figurative blood on his hands. The hero of Gotham vanished almost immediately, as is to be expected. Medical records are being kept under wraps currently, so Batman’s true guilt is up in the air. We at GC52 have, and always will believe in heroes, but this potential crime has had an unexpected result on the city; crime has plummeted, and the villains of Gotham are clearly scared of what Batman will do to them now.

Whatever else is to come with this evolving story; has Robin survived, did Batman truly kill Penguin, is this all some long scheme from one of Gotham’s many villains, I’ll be here with all the information you could possibly need. Until next time, back to you Dan.

The camera returns to Dan in the studio.

Dan: Let’s hope whatever is going on in Gotham gets cleared up soon… as usual. Going to end the night with another reading from Intern Jerry’s Journal as he is still stuck out there in space on War world… so this is where I sign off. As always; be it the Bat-Symbol in Gotham, a red streak through Central City, or a golden lasso on Themyscira… GC52 has you covered with the news you need to know. ‘Till next week, I’m your host Dan McMahon. Be strong in all your convictions.

DC Comics July 2022

Just as the screen goes to black, a quick succession of images race across the screen showing a shirt and pant-less Superman and various other people all looking battle-weary as a familiar voice starts speaking. The voice is Jerry the Intern, thought lost to Warworld.

Jerry: Warworld Journal 1045 – It’s been some time but I’m not sure we’re going to win. We wear the symbol of El as if Superman is going to save us all. As if all of us together have the power to stop Mongul’s forces. I’m afraid we don’t. They have Omac… and now Apollo. With their powers alone our forces are being decimated… Kal-El has gone to the Necropolis. Pray he finds something to save us.

And with that GC52 comes to a close.

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