GC52 News: DC Comics Released 01/11/2022

The GC52 News Team is back with the latest updates from the DC Universe.

(Spoilers for DC Comics released 01/11/2022)

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The GC52 Logo appears on televisions, computers, and all other types of viewing devices at its normally scheduled time. Lead Anchor Dan McMahon sits at the center of the newsroom behind his desk. He’s wearing a “I went to Krakoa and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!” shirt. The Daily Planet globe is visible behind him as the setting sun sparkles off the crown jewel of the City of Tomorrow. The GC52 intro music begins to dim as the actual program begins.

Dan: Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening to all our wonderful viewers from the docks of Coast City to the furthest reaches of Oa, you are watching the multiverse’s best news show that brings you the news that you need to know! As always, I’m your host, Dan McMahon, doing my part to bring you up to the minute updates on the worlds you live in!

It’s that time again where Batman and Zatanna seem to drop off the map for a few days…together. We are not a gossip rag here but wouldn’t it be nice if they were dating? Batman is Mr. Dark and Mysterious and Zatanna battles the dark and mysterious as the leader of the Justice League Dark. I’ve been at Justice League events with both of them shooting glances across the room like two lovers held apart by something magical as if the whole situation was straight out of a Taylor Swift song. There has to be more to this than I’ve seen. I may spend some time looking into it… Try to play matchmaker. Anywho… let’s check in with Adam!

The camera cuts to Adam out on the streets of Gotham.

Adam: Hello GC52 and welcome back to the Hill, the part of Gotham that’s still considered the quiet part even with an evil robot dog on the loose. I hope you all didn’t celebrate the Magistrates defeat too soon because it seems they’re just getting started as the worst of the worst have been popping up all over the Hill, calling themselves “The Saints”. Here’s what an eyewitness of their latest attack had to say:

Doris: Oh my, they were very scary. I didn’t have my glasses on but there was a big robot-looking fellow, a pink lady and one with a very big gun and they kept fighting these two ghosts, a purple one and a black one. The ghosts ran away though.

Adam: Uh, thanks for that Doris. Those “ghosts” are presumed to be the Batgirls, but could it be that the Hill’s own greatest hero, Bag-girl, has taken a new costume and sidekick? In other news, people continue to go missing all over the Hill and word is the mysterious artist “Tutor” may be responsible. These allegations come from the videos he himself posted on the internet, so it’s probably safe to believe them. Who is this mysterious Tutor, how is he controlling all these people, and with one of the Batgirls under his control, how can we possibly stop him? In more important news, can whoever keeps driving their loud muscle car around my apartment blasting “All-star” on repeat please stop? I could’ve sworn I saw the Bargirls behind the wheel but my sources say they have some “pretty sick new scooters” so that can’t possibly be true.  Back to you Dan!

The feed cust back to Dan in the studio reading through some notes.

Dan: Thanks, Adam. Well, the GC52 News Family continues to expand and I’m happy to introduce our newest intrepid reporter, Desirae Porter. Oh, okay, yeah that works. It’s fine. Desirae is going to pick up our coverage of former Commissioner Jim Gordon’s investigation into the events of A-Day, the Joker, and the mysterious cabal known as The Network. I know from GC52’s social media pages that FORMER GC52 employee Jimmy has a fervent, almost cult-like following but I know that our viewers rely on our reporting and we will continue to strive to be the best news team this side of the Source Wall. Desirae.

The camera cuts to a dusty highway. There’s nothing on either side of the roadway but flat fields. A sign in the background reads “WELCOME TO HOOPER COUNTY, TX”. Desirae is in front of the sign. She’s dressed more like a rugged, private investigator than a reporter. 

Desirae: Thank you very much, Dan. I’m excited to be a member of the GC52 News family and to be reporting live from Hooper County, Texas where my sources are telling me several parties of interest are headed for a confrontation that could have serious repercussions for all involved. 

The camera cuts back to Dan. His normal professional demeanor has softened slightly, almost imperceptible to any except long-time viewers that will notice Dan has the look of someone excited about hard-hitting journalism.

Dan: Desirae, the last report about former Commissioner Gordon was that he was spotted in Majorca, the same location where both the Joker and Vengeance were seen. There was blood at the location but Gordon’s whereabouts were unknown at the time.

The camera cuts back to Desirae.

Desirae: That’s right, Dan. I’ve learned that Gordon was stabbed at the location in Majorca. He was picked up, his wounds tended to, and returned to his home in Gotham. As I understand it, he is expected to make a full recovery. However, the same sources that told me about Hooper County, Texas have informed me that several others were spotted at Gordon’s home, including his daughter Barbara Gordon, Julia Pennyworth, and a costumed hero some referred to as Orphan that was watching the home from the shadows.

The camera cuts back to Dan. He is fully engrossed in the report now.

Dan: With Gordon on the mend and homebound, who is it that is meeting in Texas? Is there any word on the Joker or Vengeance?

Desirae has a slight smile on her face. She has the information Dan wants and has been holding back in order to give it to him when his anticipation is at its zenith.

Desirae: Hooper County is the home of the Sampson family, Reading back through reports filed by my predecessor it’s clear that the Sampsons have a hand in what is going on here. Most likely due to the death of Billy “The Brute” Sampson in the A-Day attack, which the Sampsons blame the Joker. My sources have told me that the Sampsons are members of The Network and have captured the Joker at Majorca and are bringing him here. 

There are also reports that Vengeance is on her way here as well as she also wants to take her revenge on the Joker for the death of Bane in the A-Day attack. That’s not all. Barbara Gordon was seen meeting with her father’s benefactor Cressida at a private airport with a flight chartered for Texas. Finally, former Commissioner Gordon was seen leaving his apartment, stopping at several Gotham stores including Knightsman, Gotham City Surveillance, and a private airfield to charter a flight to a small town in the Appalachian Mountains and then Texas.

Dan: What is in the Appalachian Mountains?

Desirae: It is believed Gordon may be picking up his old associate Harvey Bullock. 

Dan: So, Desirae, all of those chaotic forces are set to clash in Hooper County?

Desirae: Yes, Dan. Isn’t it exciting?! I’m intrepid reporter, Desirae Porter, reporting live from Hooper County, Texas. Dan. 

The camera returns to Dan in the studio, a smile on his face.

Dan: Thanks for that Desirae, always a joy to have good, honest reporting on GC52. Our last story this evening concerns the ongoing situation at the newly-opened Arkham Tower in Gotham. Ethan, do you have any updates for us?

The camera cuts to the same apartment in Gotham City as before. Out the window, the new Arkham can be seen lit up by spotlights from the ground and the various helicopters circling the tower. Dotted around the plaza outside the tower are the red-blue lights of police cars as a growing crowd circle the GCPD cordon. Ethan steps into frame looking more tired than before.

Ethan: Evening Dan, still no word from inside Arkham Tower since I last spoke with you, though I can confirm thanks to my GCPD sources that members of the Bat-Family are working to bring this hostage crisis to an end. While there hasn’t been much I can do to get any more information as to the current events going on, I have done some digging into the new medical practices Arkham Tower’s principal doctor, Tobias Wear, was introducing to the various patients.

It seems whatever was being done to the patients of varying criminal backgrounds, that include well-known Gotham Rogue Mr. Freeze, the practices employed have essentially been pacifying the patients into a state of peace. While I’m sure this sounds great on the surface, the methods being taken to achieve this tranquility are what concern me. Namely, we don’t know what they are, and that’s troubling. For all we know they could be lobotomizing them…

All I’m trying to say is this is bad and we may have another misstep just like the Magistrate on our hands. In any case, I hope Mayor Nakano hasn’t been as clumsy as he was then. Once I have more information, you can be sure I’ll be in touch. Back to you, Dan.

Ethan walks out of frame as the lights of more police cars can be seen out the window heading towards Arkham Tower before the camera cuts back to Dan in the studio.

Dan: So as always; be it the Bat-Symbol in Gotham, a red streak through Central City, or a golden lasso on Themyscira… GC52 has you covered with the news you need to know. Till next week, I’m your host Dan McMahon. Be strong in all your convictions.

Books Covered this Week

  • Batman/Zatanna: Bound to Our Will by Vita Ayala, Nikola Cizmesija, Nick Filardi, and Steve Wands.
  • Batgirls #2 by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, Jorge Corona, Sarah Stern, and Becca Carey.
  • The Joker #11 by James Tynion IV, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Cam Smith, Lorenzo Ruggiero, Adriano di Benedetto, Arif Prianto, Romulo Fajardo Jr, and Tom Napolitano.
  • Detective Comics #1048 by Mariko Tamaki, Ivan Reis, Danny Miki, Brad Anderson, and Ariana Maher.

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