GC Originals: October 2021

October 2021 original stories and poems from the GateCrashers.

The leaves flutter down the empty street as the cold air rushes in to make the dance like the witches at midnight, spooky season is upon us. Time to unfurl those blankets and dim the lights as these original stories and poems might send a shiver down your spine! The GateCrashers have put together some haunting tales this month, so reader be warned, these Originals might stay with you long after you finish reading…

“The Fright House”
Skye Emery: Bluebird Adventure
Submitted by Marc Quill
Format: Short Story

“I never thought I’d look sillier than I do as the Bluebird,” Skye Emery had a look at the mirror she was standing in front of, observing the costume that Zaida Khan, her girlfriend, chose for her. 

Skye’s Halloween costume was decidedly different from the Bluebird outfit she wore everyday as the city of Toronto’s gallant avenger. She looked very much like what someone would generously describe as a “goth punk rocker”.

The twenty-five-year old’s hair was completely dyed black, with only pink highlights along the tips of her hair. She had eyeshadow, along with deep purple lipstick. Skye’s gothic outfit was certainly a marked difference from her usual appearance.

“Oh, come on…” Zaida smiled at Skye. “Y’gotta get into character and glower with feeling.”

“Fine, I guess.” Skye pretended to roll her eyes in dissatisfaction to match her costume’s goth persona. She feigned a disinterested frown. “This better?”

Zaida only nodded in approval of Skye trying her best glowering effort. 

This night out was her idea of having fun with her girlfriend. Their destination? A newly-opened haunted house called “The Fright House”. Despite its generic-sounding name, it had a notorious reputation for paralyzing guests with its deep, psychological fear-based scares.

“Now that you’re done with your suit, how do I look?” Zaida puffed out her chest in a heroic pose, befitting her costume of choice — literally dressing up as the Bluebird herself.

“Very funny, Zaida.” Skye chuckled at her girlfriend’s makeshift Bluebird costume, which looked every bit as good as the genuine article.

Zaida’s Bluebird costume consisted of a plain blue jacket with the blue wings and Bluebird insignia made of a different material from the flexible Kevlar of Skye’s actual costume. To match the blues of her costume, Zaida wore a light blue hijab in place of her usual yellow.

Once the loving couple were done comparing their costumes, they walked up to the entrance of the Fright House — marked by the house’s name in burning red letters and with simulated “blood” dripping from each letter.

“Welcome to the party.” An usher wearing a skeleton costume and a top hat greeted both Skye and Zaida in a regular-sounding voice. “I’ll just get you two stamped and you can head right inside the Fright House.”

Following the usher into the elaborate haunted house, Skye and Zaida entered the so-called “Great Hall”. The two were caught by surprise with just how empty this Great Hall seemed to be. Nobody was around — except for Skye and Zaida.

“Prepare for the nightmare of a lifetime!” a spooky voice that tried to emulate Dracula as best as possible intoned over the Great Hall’s speakers. “Once you step inside my Fright House… you will learn that there is no escape.”

Maniacal, haunting laughter echoed endlessly as the lights in the Great Hall pulsated repeatedly. While Zaida seemed to enjoy the scare that was going on right now, Skye was nonplussed about the whole thing. 

“Are you scared yet?” the weird, spooky voice returned once again… before it was abruptly taken over by a darker, raspier voice. “…then it’s about time that I welcome you to your hell, Bluebird.”

Skye and Zaida shot each other looks of confusion at this omniscient voice knowing about who the Bluebird was. 

Before the couple could collect themselves, the Great Hall began to fill with dark purple fumes that gradually surrounded both Skye and Zaida until it enveloped them completely. The fumes’ effects soon made themselves clear to them both. 

Skye dropped to her knees, apparently stricken by some sort of fear caused by the mysterious fumes. In her mind, she was visualizing strange spider-snake hybrids crawling all over her. She tried frantically to scratch all around her body in the hopes of getting the creepy crawlies off of her.

Zaida, on the other hand, was screaming repeatedly, envisioning the fear of being given an endless essay to complete, with only five minutes to complete it.

“Ahh… yessssss.” A spectral form that resembled a bat hovered over Skye and Zaida. “….more human fear for me to feast upon.”

The bat-creature shapeshifted into a succubi form as it held its inhuman arms out to spread more of the fear fumes. “I am Lyllith, and I shall harvest your fears.”

Lyllith turned its harsh red eyes towards Skye, realizing that the black-haired young woman was the Bluebird.

For a brief second, the otherworldly fear that gripped Skye disappeared as her willpower was starting to come back to her. The supernatural world was something that was completely foreign to Skye, but she knew that Lyllith was just another villain for her to take down.

Skye decided to kick Lyllith in the face before leaping over an ancient table that was knocked over. Zaida shook off the fear fumes and quickly joined Skye before she was spotted.

Taking cover behind the overturned table, Skye and Zaida mapped out their next plan of attack. 

“I guess it’s a good thing I’m always prepared, huh?” Skye revealed the contents of her black backpack to Zaida as she emptied it onto the floor. It was her Bluebird outfit, utility belt and all. “I think I have a plan to deal with whatever the hell we’re facing…”

“Fools! You cannot hide from me forever!” Lyllith’s hissing voice echoed through the Great Hall. “I will rip your courage from you yet, Bluebird! Don’t bother resisting…”

The evil succubus’ ranting was interrupted by a figure wielding a familiar weapon in their arms. The Bluebird was finally here, armed with her trusty shield.

Steeling herself for a fight, Lyllith approached Bluebird and tried to “feast” upon the heroine’s supposed fears.

Just then, another Bluebird struck the villainess from behind with a forceful strike that caught her by surprise. This Bluebird flipped through the air and posed themselves next to the other Bluebird.

Once the lights turned back on, the ruse was revealed and it was both Skye in her full Bluebird outfit and Zaida wearing her Bluebird Halloween costume.

“ENOUGH OF THIS CHARADE!” Lyllith hissed at Skye and Zaida’s strategy. “I SHALL REND YOU OF YOUR FEAR ONCE AND FOR ALL!”

“I don’t think so, missy.” Skye dug deep into her Bluebird persona and activated her energy shield gauntlet to strike Lyllith with a shield-enhanced blow to the monster’s face. “I might not know much about the occult, but I do know that your time is just about up.”

Bluebird mimicked a baseball player just about ready to swing for the fences as she turned her shield into an energy bat. She pulled back and hit Lyllith with a massive swing that seemed to explode the villainous succubus into a flash of light.

Moments Later…

“What the heck just happened?” Zaida scratched her head in confusion at what she had just witnessed.

“I have no idea,” Bluebird admitted. “Something tells me that probably won’t be the last time I have to deal with supernatural business.”

There was still a chill in the air that Bluebird felt. One that felt otherworldly, and one that was preparing her for something worse on the horizon.

The End…?

“Safe and Sound”
Submitted by RJ Durante
Format: Poem

The doors are locked
The alarms are set
As I am snuggled in bed

This nightly routine
Is what keeps me safe
As I am snuggled in bed

The knock was low
But it rang through me
As I am snuggled in bed

The second knock was deep
And my heart began to flutter
As I am snuggled in bed

Should I investigate this sound?
Perhaps it will just go away,
As I am snuggled in bed

‘Disarmed’ the panel bellowed,
While the deadbolt retracted
As I am snuggled in bed

It opened the front door
And crossed the threshold
As I am snuggled in bed

It’s walk was rhythmic,
But it’s laugh sinister
As I am snuggled in bed

The nails scratched at my door
And the handle began to jiggle
As I am snuggled in bed

I pulled the covers up
My last line of defense
As I am snuggled in bed

Everything went dark,
Like drifting into sleep,
As I am now dead.

“Hand in an Iron Mask”
Submitted by Thomas M.
Format: Poetry

Hand in an iron mask
fingers through the eyes
scratched metal, cracked skin
friction suffered for disguise

Moonlight on an iron mask
a glimpse through the shade
places to wait and bleed
the only choices to be made

Silence of an iron mask
like hands around a throat
tears about to roll
or body left afloat

Wearing an iron mask
staring from inside
at another night’s reward
never satisfied

“The Ice Cold Water”
Submitted by Jason Jeffords Jr
Format: Short Story

“Where’s Thule, Sar!” The burly man bundled in animal fur shouted as he opened the front door. The cooking fire he had started earlier was dying out as Sar was throwing snow on it. Turning to her left towards the man, she displayed a disoriented look on her face. Dying flames illuminated her, and as she spoke words became visible in the frozen air. 

“Last I saw he was getting ready for bed?”
“Well, he isn’t there…”
Before their words could linger in the air the duo made the decision to run to the neighbor’s house. 

It wasn’t long into the Alaskan winter, which Thule knew was perfect ice-fishing. This newly arrived cold meant the ice was thin enough to hand drill into, yet thick enough to slowly walk on. Holding his fishing rod and bucket in his left hand, he used his right to find the best place to fish with his flashlight. Because of the cold, a few minutes spent searching felt like hours. As his right foot made contact with the ice a green shape underneath the thin layer sped past him towards the north. Barely noticing this he quickly shined his flashlight but saw nothing. However, the only thing in the water could be fish, so putting his fear behind him, his search for the perfect spot continued on. 

Out of breath Sar and the burly man made it to their neighbors. KNOCK. KNOCK.
No response.

On the fifth knock, the door was violently pulled ajar, nearly flying off the hinges.
“What the hell are you doing Sar and Thuol! The sun is gone and the moon is up.”
Between the cold and their long sprint, their throats contained a harsh tickle. When Sar finally spoke, it was delayed and sparse.
With those few words, the neighbor was instantly shaken awake and grabbed their jacket and keys with speed. Anytime someone was lost in this horrid weather the seconds counted. “Shit. No, I’ll go wake the others and we’ll go look!”
The village was small, so forming a search party was quick. Next was the hardest part; finding Thule. 

Having finally found and dug the hole for his fishing spot, Thule made himself comfy, sitting on the ice below. It didn’t take long before the ice-cold Alaskan wind began. It wasn’t enough to blow someone over, but it was loud and the wind bit at his exposed cheeks. However, ice-cold kisses weren’t the only thing the wind carried, as came the scent of rotten eggs as well. Hanging around the wilderness you’re prone to smelling weird decaying rotten scents, remembering that, Thule carried on with his dinner gathering. Although the sun was down and the moon was up, he didn’t believe the stories his families told, because today was his 14th birthday and he was what he considered old enough to not believe in fairy tales. That wasn’t all as everyone knows, the best time to fish is at night, and alone. 

A light tug of the line made his arms bob up and down awakening him from his deep thoughts. Reeling in as hard as his arms could he caught his first fish of the night. Bending over to pluck 

the fish from his hole, the rotten smell seemed to worsen. Thoughts started to race in his mind as the fear crept down his spine. Maybe a bigger animal drowned in the water and it was rotting? Maybe it’s his clothes?
Pushing those thoughts aside he inspected the fish with his flashlight. The fish was plump, looking delicious, however the weight of it made its suffocating flopping hurt Thule’s hand. Although he’ll get in trouble for being out this late, he knew his family would be happy for multiple fat fish. He threw it in the bucket on his left, then gently placed the flashlight on the ice to his right. As the flashlight met the ice, a glint of light showed the dark depths as dulled colors of fabric shot by. Thule wasn’t quick enough to see what it was. 

“It’s nothing, it must be the night playing tricks. I’ll show my parents how I am a man now!” He continued fishing as the smell returned, albeit worse. 

Thule’s parents and neighbors were able to get nearly the whole village out on their machines to look for the boy. Lights flooded the village, making it look like a beacon from above. Sadly, as the groups reported in the parents started to lose hope as each turned up nothing. Finally, one of the younger kids asked what no one else had in all of the chaos. 

“Could he be playing with his new ice-fishing pole?”
Before they could answer a blood-curdling scream filled the air. 

Although the wind had calmed, the smell lingered becoming so bad he could feel nausea setting in while the puke formed in his throat. Picking himself up, Thule bent over to grab the flashlight when he heard a THK, THK. Frantically shining his light in a 180 he searched but all he could see was the vast open water. 


It came again, but from beneath him. 


Looking with the light directly below him, a barely recognizable face was pressed against the ice. Finally, the smell had taken over his senses and his lunch made the travel from his stomach to the ice. As his lunch made the exit trip, so did a humanesque shape from the ice with a loud CRACK. Before him was a hunched green female figure. Hurriedly pointing his flashlight at her face, he saw pitch-black eyes, teeth the shape of broken glass, and a scaly water-logged face of an older woman, barely hanging on to her skull. Fins protrude from the back of her head hiding between her long black hair, as well as on her legs and arms. She spoke no words, but just stared with her beady black eyes and hummed. Thule couldn’t move, it wasn’t due to the cold, but because he couldn’t fathom what was happening. Not only was this creature standing before him on thin, slowly breaking ice, but the smell was so thick it hung around them and stung his eyes.
Trying to shake his sudden frozen stature, Thule threw the flashlight at the creature which hit her sealskin amauti, and screamed. Mustering all his strength, he picked his right foot up and pivoted behind him. Because of the fear and excitement, he had forgotten about his fishing hole and in ten steps Thule’s foot plunged into the frozen water below, twisting it the wrong way. The impact on the ice started a small crack that continued to grow. But, before the ice could shatter and drown him in a cold embrace, the humming and smell had made their way towards him. 

Before Thule knew it, all he could see as he was dragged under was a flurry of lights protruding from the trees. 

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