Titans: S3 Ep. 11 Review – “The Call is Coming From Inside the House”

Bree and Jon are back with a review of the newest Titans episode!

GateCrashers’ Titans coverage returns with myself (Bree) and my partner, Jon! We’ll be covering each episode release as they drop. The show has a lot of sentimental value to us on a very personal level, our coverage will be what is essentially written conversations with two sections; a very spoiler-free approach followed by a spoiler-centric one. Without further ado, our spoiler-free segment begins here!

Bree: The team fractures yet again in the wake of their mishap with the GCPD. Will Crane and Red Hood be able to pick them off, one by one? 

Jon: Gotham City has become a complete wasteland in the wake of Crane poisoning the water supply. The Titans are out of options, public enemy number one AND are now left without a headquarters to regroup and plan their next attack. Things are not looking good for them.

Bree: Raven has returned and is turning over stones the team had previously left unturned. Donna is also trying to strategize the best way of helping the citizens of Gotham as well as the team with the limited information she has. A familiar face is back to help her the best way they know how! Starfire is alone and caught up in the past, what will her flashbacks reveal about the present? With 2 episodes left after this, things really feel like they’re coming down to the wire. 


Jon: Donna finally makes her way into Gotham just in time to see it tearing itself apart giving us real “No Man’s Land” vibes for all you Bat-fans out there. And who is the only one who can help her find the rest of the team? None other than our future boy wonder Tim! We get to see a wonderful display of how much time he has dedicated to his detective work on Batman and the Titans in this episode. I find it absolutely hilarious that the one picture that is front and center by his screen is of Donna.

Bree: Titans’ Tim 110% makes Donna fancams and I love him for that! My heart also melts a little every time he calls her “Miss. Troy”. He’s just such a delightful character, his passion and optimism cut through the show’s darker moments. I gotta have a little rant about Starfire’s big moment fizzling on the delivery, though. Waiting for Season 3, Episode 11 to see any part of Tamaran felt like ordering an expensive plate that took over an hour to come out of the kitchen and it’s a glorified appetizer. It feels like they’re continuing to withhold the meat of her story from us, and I just cannot fathom wh(ite)y. 

Jon: 2 seasons later and we only get a taste of what Tamaran COULD be. While it left me wanting more, I will admit it was beautifully done. It doesn’t simply look like this wonderful oasis but an actual place that you can see and touch. Great work by the crew on the interior of the throne room for making it seem like an actual place but also very alien at the same time. Scarecrow also seems to be going down another journey of his own after listening to Bruce’s logs on him saying that at most he sees Crane as pitiful and not as terrifying as his other villains. All this while Crane stops off for a quick snack. You wouldn’t like Scarecrow when he’s hangry.

Bree: I did absolutely adore what we did see of Tamaran, but I’m left feeling “too little, too late” about it. The setup just felt incredibly random too, what was the point of connecting her flashback to some stranger’s baby? Crane is starting to reach levels of near over-saturation for me personally, and although I like his scenes individually, the momentum of the overall plot has been declining since episode 8. I’m a little disappointed that the entire season of a TITANS show is in and about Gotham. Especially when there are core character’s that have yet to have a single episode dedicated to them entirely. 

Jon: Agreed! Besides Kory, the other choice is Beast Boy. At best we have gotten his origin and that is about it. We finally see him meet with Raven this episode and find out that the bats that seem to be talking to him are leading him to the same Lazarus pit that was used to bring Jason back from the dead. If he doesn’t at least turn into a bat by the end of the season or anything else besides a tiger, I will scream. Ryan Potter feels totally underutilized.

Bree: Oh absolutely! He’s such a hard-working and capable actor, it’s a shame that he’s always running support for other character’s making mistakes. I do like that he simply dug around the manor to figure it out though, I like the idea of the house having its own secrets and mythos. I’m not even going to get into the FINAL moment of this episode until next week because it feels MESSY.

Jon: I’m still trying to process it all……….


Bree: Episode 11 marks the third to last episode of the 13, and we’re now left to wonder if they’re going to stick the landing in the final 2. I can’t say that I’m incredibly optimistic, and the last 2 episodes were perhaps the weakest in the season thus far.

Jon: Here’s hoping that the crew really is saving the best for last and this is simply the calm before the storm. This season must finish stronger than the last 2. Staying optimistic but I reeeeealllllllllllly hope they leave Gotham after this.

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