Superman #1 is a Vibrant Fresh Start

Up, up, and away…

Superman is back in action with a brand new relaunch, Superman #1, from Joshua Williamson, Jamal Campbell, and Ariana Maher, and it’s off to an electric start – no, literally. One of my absolute favorite rogues, Livewire features at the beginning of the issue getting us all immediately buzzed – throwing us right into the action. Every great piece of media does well by opening with complete chaos. It’s fun and inviting, reminding us that superficiality is always sufficient and exciting. You’re reading a book about a man from space – I’d have been put to sleep had it been opened with something more mundane. C’mon, I’m here to read about Superman. I wanted SUPER and I’m always humorously surprised when I find myself loving Superman books. 

Superman #1
Superman #1 / Williamson, Campbell, Maher / DC Comics

I’m forever underestimating this character which is definitely something I need to unteach myself because he’s freaking great, and kudos to the team of Superman #1 for pushing forward the traits that remind me why I love the Man of Steel so much.

I’ll admit I flickered through the book before I began reading and Campbell’s colors pop in a beautiful blend of reds, oranges, and yellows. As a collective, it is incredibly pleasing to look at. Great visual stimulation, which is a massive factor for me whenever I’m reading. I want to be energized by everything and Superman #1 delivered.

It’s not a Superman story without heart at the center. He is still our super softie with love bursting from the seams of his metaphysical heart. Just the young boy from Smallville wanting to do the right thing. I think a lot of Superman readers seek out the human traits that ground him to be an example of how we aspire to be. At least that’s what Superman does for me – it results in me reflecting on how I view the world. Typically, I’m left feeling optimistic with a sense of “it ain’t all that bad”, whenever I read Superman.

Superman #1 / Williamson, Campbell, Maher / DC Comics

Superman #1 is a fantastic new beginning – a refreshing start with captivating storytelling and overall display. It has me waiting in anticipation as to what this team might bring to the table next. If it’s anything like this first issue – and I have full faith in Joshua Williamson as he has endless creditable, successful stories –  my interest is definitely piqued and I’ll make a promise to myself to stick along for the foreseeable future. The priority highlight for me is Campbell’s art – it really shines through the type of energy you would imagine receiving in the presence of Superman, warm and hopeful.

Maher’s lettering is great; the odd expressive flare really helps you imagine the sounds and tone of the story. Same with the panel transitions, I loved the occasional close-up of names, it manages to allow the story to run smoothly. The layout of letters is as important to me as the next person. I need structure but also some fun; after all, this is a superhero comic. I become easily disinterested if the letters are too clustered together or dull. Spoiler, you won’t have this problem with Superman #1. My little neurodivergent brain approves. 

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