GateCrashers Originals: The Songs That Inspire Us

The September 2021 Edition of original works by the GateCrashers!

For September 2021, the GateCrashers were tasked with writing original pieces inspired by a song of their choice. With the exception of one, many of us have channeled our inspiration into poetry this month, so enjoy this short and sweet edition of original works. When you’re through, check out our Spotify playlist where you can listen to the songs that influenced the pieces.

Nature of Those Who Are Alive
Submitted by: Cass Arellano
Song: Naturaleza muerta by Mecano
Medium: Short Story

I took her as mine. I transformed her into stone and made her part of my scenery. Meanwhile her husband fights with me, creating waves that will become tsunamis that could destroy entire villages. What once was a couple made of fire is now a missing part in the puzzle of existence. It shouldn’t be like this, I shouldn’t be able to fall in love, but sometimes the impossible takes form and fights with you until you can’t stand it. 

I’m the definition of infinity, the only thing you can see at the horizon. I’m the origin of life and for many, their final destination. I’m the home of millions and the graveyard of few others. I’m calm, angry, playful and lethal in just the span of a few seconds. I have millions of eyes, and I know it all. I define the limits of empires, I’m the only thing they will never conquer. I’m the unknown, the sublime, that who is too big, impossible in many ways. You can not comprehend me, you can only try. So tell me, oh silver mother, how is it possible that I should fall in love with a woman?

Ana was everything that I was. She was static, limited, known, and vulnerable. I see her and I see a shadow, a statue of salt that only waits. She is passionate but in the way a lit cigarette is passionate. She lets herself be consumed in a way she always keeps control. She made me write poems in the sand, make paintings with the foam. I needed her in the way she needed air. But she had her man, and I was just an infinite mirror in her eyes. 

I could only have her, if she didn’t have him, so I trapped him, I started a never ending fight with the fisherman. While we fight, she waits, she stays in the same place at the same time she started waiting. Her man will never return, he has become part of my unstoppable movement. She is now mine, frozen in time giving love to another that will forever be lost. 

She is stone, she is salt and coral, she is a part of the thousands of beaches that my hands can reach. Her nature is that of those who will forever be alive.

Submitted by RJ Durante
Song: Thunderstruck by AC/DC
Medium: Poetry

It was his last chance to play,
On this dreary Saturday.
His sights were set on the green,
Par 3 Hole Number Eighteen.
His swing was perfect straight through,
The shot was aimed tried and true.
The clouds behind him said stop,
As the ball flew high and dropped.
The loud rumbles grew closer,
But, our golfer needs closure.
Sirens rang calling him in,
Goosebumps spreading on his skin.
Looks down and sees with surprise,
Considered golf’s greatest prize,
His Titleist ball in the cup.
He grabbed the flag but looked up,
A flash, his last words, ‘Oh Fuck!’
Looks like you’ve been…thunderstruck!

beautiful bizarre
Submitted by Katie Liggera
Song: Beautiful Bizarre by Mr Ruiz
Medium: Poetry

music rises, a crescendo 
notes pause, dangling 
in air like a delirious bird
until she shakes 
her head,
rushing forward again

i wait
the pinprick sound plays
feet flurrying
i rush, lock and loaded
down a highway;
the stage awaits

i dance into the dark

the spotlight illuminates me;
cascading starlight
runs liquid rivers over my body,
my feet
pointed, precise, perfection

i dance into the dark



relevé relevé relevé 

up, up, up
a boombox cranked up
raising the bar

t u r n o u t 

                         grand jeté 
across the stage 
the music plays 

i dance into the dark

i fly 
a bird–
lace and liquor
leotards and leaps
a rush–
wings and wind
whispers and wishes

i contort
limbs climbing 
higher, higher, higher
toes touching stars

one last turn sequence
blowing their minds
spot, spot, spot
smile, smile, smile
until i am a phoenix 
fire, flame
an inferno 
ashes settling,
as if it’s my last night 
on earth

i dance into the dark

a supernova
a star
beautiful bizarre


Submitted by Bobby
Song: Cat Rider by Little Dragon
Medium: Poetry

I see the blue warmth of the night
In this crowd, of faces I thought I could never know,
That I now cherish.

I look to the blue warmth of the night, and I wonder,
What’s next?
Leave, the mind tells myself.
It’s the end of an era,
Make your peace with it

A new home? The bills beckon to me
Do I leave? Or do I stay?
It’s tempting to linger but I can’t, not yet,
I must move.

The Archer
Submitted by Ashley Durante
Song: The Archer by Taylor Swift
Medium: Poetry

November dawn is rising. 
Fire crackles on the earth,

            Burning and bearing it anew.

The Knowledge she seeks is limitless.
Her cup is never wanting,

            It runs over with inquest and pursuit.

Fate and Fortune smile upon her.
Their winds fill her sails,

            A destiny alive with promise and adventure.

She knocks her arrow and aims for the sky.
She knows not of failure,

            And what it can do to a soul so untested.

She knows not to fear a fall just yet.
The Archer lets loose her bolt,

            Sending her truth into the ether. 

The tethered arrow pierces the rising sun.
The Archer pulls on the golden thread, 

            Risking it all for a chance at life’s helm.

But she is no archer. 
She is Icarus. 
And she gets burned.

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