GC52 News (DC Comics Releases for 06/08/2021)

The GC52 News Team is back with a look at the latest release from DC Comics!

(Spoilers for DC Comics released 06/08/2021)

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The GC52 Logo appears on televisions, computers, and all other types of viewing devices at its normally scheduled time. Lead Anchor Dan McMahon sits at the center of the newsroom behind his desk. This week he’s wearing a blue suit and a patterned tie which isoutlined by the large window behind him looking out over Metropolis. The Daily Planet globe is visible behind him as the setting sun sparkles off the crown jewel of the City of Tomorrow. The GC52 theme music begins to dim as the actual program begins.

Dan: Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening to all our wonderful viewers from the docks of Coast City to the furthest reaches of Oa, you are watching the multiverse’s best news show that brings you the news that you need to know! As always, I’m your host, Dan McMahon, doing my part to bring you up to the minute updates on the worlds you live in!

Before we get into the news, does anyone have that friend who they love to death but just makes the absolute worst choices imaginable? Everyone does. Mine for instance is Cole Cash. Who this week hired Deathstroke, yes the terminator, to kick his ass. Now, there are a lot of ways to get superheroes’ attention, but Cole just goes about it in the worst way. Even worse is that he drew the big one, Superman. From all reports though, he did get away!

Anyway, Gotham City is getting more and more dangerous… no thanks to the Mayor’s crusade but more people keep turning up dead. There was a new suspect this week, Bruce Wayne himself. More after Violet’s report!

The camera cuts to Violet at her desk.

Violet: How are we Earth Prime? Fancy an update on Wonder Woman? I feel like everyone doesn’t know she’s not dead, and maybe someone could go get her? We are on the news right?

Violet is met with silence.

Violet: Ok, so anyways! She retrieved a key from a giant snake and traveled to the Fortress of Valkyrie in an attempt to speak to the gods and figure out where all the lost souls are going after battle. Upon arrival, she discovered these Gods are straight up done with mankind and want to nope out of all responsibility – I mean who could blame them, we are a mess. It took an unexpected turn when Thor fighting the gods is what it sparks Wonder Woman’s memory. She puts Thor in his place by squashing his hammer! Can you believe that?!

Dr. Cizko had forged weapons that manipulate subconscious thoughts. What a slimy jizz nozzle!? Once everyone calmed down, an agreement was made to have one day of peace a week, balance finally restored to the realm. That’s not all… Siegfried returned to Diana, restoring something far more important if you know what I mean. After a short reunion, Diana left Asgard for Olympus to only find it in ruins upon her arrival because of course, this woman can’t catch a break. I’ll update you all when Diana is safe and back in our world! 

When the camera cuts back to Dan, he looks mortified.

Dan: Someone has blown up one of the GCPD Precincts. It seems as if only Bruce Wayne was inside… more on that when we get updates. 

A flash of light interrupts the set as a glowing neon portal opens and a VHS tape plops dead center in front of Dan.

Dan: What do we have here? Oh hey, it looks like our Green Lantern correspondent’s closing report on the Far Sector mission just got filed. Let’s take a look at Thomas’s up-to-the-minute coverage!

Dan blows on the tape and hands it to Jerry just out of frame. Audible clicking and button pressing takes place as the tape is loaded to be played.

Dan: While our producers apply their hardware expertise to the tape, let’s have a history lesson review for our younger viewers. A VHS tape is what people used to use to watch recorded videos and film home movies, sort of like an older sibling to DVDs. A DVD is a disc that can hold 480p-quality videos and separate content into menus, like an older sibling to blu-ray discs. 

Dan looks at the ground and briefly bears on the existential dread of a generations-wide gap.

Dan: And a blu-ray is a disc capable of even higher 1080p and 3840p “4k” fidelity video and lossless audio, including accessing online features through its player and switching features on the fly. They’re all from an older era when people owned and cherished physical media instead of swearing fealty to online media providers using IP farms to cynically churn out…

Dan touches his earpiece and puts on a wide smile.

Dan: But enough about that! Let’s see if Thomas or our producers knew to be kind and rewind, haha.

Thomas is standing in front of gold- and pink-colored trees in a town square. It is nighttime, and the City Enduring is glowing bright purple and blue around him, including purple panels in the sky partially covering openings to the vast blackness of space.

Thomas: Wow, what a ride! Minec of the Sea was leading forces against the city, and ships were firing back and forth like plewwww, and blam! I wasn’t even sure I would live to collect hazard pay when Lantern Sojourner Mullein zoomed right through so many ballistics straight to the flagship and ripped that sucker open! She opened up a broadcast to local comms and explained how illogical and self-defeating Minec’s strategy was. 

Following the cease-fire, there’s been some shuffling around of different politicians, including councilors Stump and @Blaze-of-Glory. Elections resumed and it looks like the populace will be fully emotional again. We’ll see if that has any effect on upcoming elections, since people might be more easily swayed than before. 

All in all, this is a fantastic endpiece to what has been a unique, twisty, and ultimately satisfying field assignment. Why, if one were to bind a print edition of all the adventures that went on out here, no doubt from Mullein’s perspective as an Earthling out of water, I daresay the resulting hardcover edition would be well worth your money and probably one of the surest purchases a fan of the Green Lantern Corps could make! You know, hypothetically. 

Signing off with no lasting injuries, this has been Thomas with GC52. I look forward to covering Lantern Mullein’s surely triumphant return to Oa to bask in her victory and assume her place of respect among her peers. Back to you, Dan.

The video feed cuts to black, with audio still rolling.

Thomas: Hey, so I need this video sent out to Earth but I need the cheapest shipping rate you’ve got. A whole month?! Yeah, I guess that’ll do. Shouldn’t be any big news between now and then, anyway…

The video feed cuts back to Dan, who’s reading through stacks of paper piled onto his desk.

Dan: …damned Mayor… now that explosion… Oh, sorry folks, been looking through reports about all the changes going on in Gotham right now, trying to figure out if there are any links, there’s gotta be. Anyway, let’s check in with Katie, who’s at the… Gotham City Dog Show? Hmm, didn’t think that was her thing. 

The camera cuts to Katie, her eyes darting around nervously. Behind her, a banner reading GOTHAM CITY DOG SHOW is plastered on the entrance to the building.

Katie: –I’m more of a cat person, maybe I’m not the right reporter for this st… Ah hello! We’re on air! I’m here following the conclusion of the Gotham City Dog Show, where a bulldog took first prize. However, the real top dogs of today’s events were guests Scooby-Doo of Mystery Inc. and Gotham’s very own Ace the Bat-Hound! 

The public was made aware of the two canine’s presence in town after news broke that Scooby-Doo and Shaggy stopped a criminal called… the Baggage Bandit? Wow, I bet Batman laughed at that dude. Canine fans and their owners immediately flocked to the Gotham City International Airport. Scooby and Ace left pawprints all over the scene after dipping their paws in ink to lavish their adoring barking fans with autographs. 

Double trouble was in store for our two detective teams tonight. Two robberies occurred simultaneously from opposite sides of Gotham City. The two best buds, Shaggy and Scooby, split up for a dual team-up to solve both crimes at once! Batman and Scooby paired off while Ace guided Shaggy and Daphne toward victory together. My sources indicate that the two robbers were twins! Twice the teams! Twice the foiling! Jinkies! Who could have possibly been the mastermind orchestrating this scheme? I’ll let you figure it out. Just kidding! It was Two-Face! How could you not have guessed that? 

Former Gotham City DA, self-deprecating villain Harvey Dent implemented his two-fold plan at the dog show. Scooby and Ace were met with resounding barks of approval (I can still hear the barking… enough with the barking!!) during their Best of Show celebrity guest introduction. But Gotham’s Police Commissioner, Jim Gordon confirmed Two-Face was conspiring behind the scenes. Of course, Batman and Mystery Inc. weren’t going to let the show go to the dogs! A Scooby-Doo and Ace costume change thwarted the plans of Two-Face and his identical twin henchmen. The detective duos weren’t about to let the dog show go to the… dogs?!

Their plan to acquire Ace the Bathound stemmed from Two Face’s obsession with “twos.” Here’s a fun piece of trivia, courtesy of (somehow) Batman: German Shepherd dogs like Ace have two layers of hair on their body called a “double coat.” How Batman knew this random fact coincidentally, well . . . he’s Batman! Two-Face did not manage to save face today. Now, I’ve got to get away from all this barking. Over to you, Dan!

As the camera cuts back to Dan he’s just finishing taking a sip of his coffee. His desk is still covered in papers.

Dan: Thanks for that Katie. Love those dogs. Anyway, let’s go over for the first time to our Gotham Gossip corner…

The new reporter sits at his desk as a montage of Gotham’s famous couples flashes past, superheroes, supervillains, and celebrities alike.

Adam: Hi, I’m Adam and welcome to the Gotham Gossip corner!  Who is hooking up with who in the dark streets of Gotham?  Have there been any new sightings of the Bat and Cat defiling rooftops?  Has Mister Freeze been spotted making googly eyes at another icicle?  Let’s find out!

An image of Robin appears on the screen, photographed standing in front of a clock tower.

Adam: Rumour has it that the Boy-Wonder himself (the one who was Robin then Red Robin and is maybe Robin again?) has broken up (again) with Batgirl (the purple one).  So now’s your chance, people of Gotham, because I hear June is a Robin’s mating season…

The image changes to a picture of Tim Drake in a suit outside a restaurant

Adam: In other news, confirmed bachelor Tim Drake, adopted son of Bruce Wayne, has been spotted on a night out at local eatery “Bincy’s Bar and Grill” this evening in a rather…ill-fitting suit.  The Waynes may not have the Manor or penthouse anymore but have Gotham’s best-known family really fallen so far?  And who could Mister Drake be meet-

Adam puts his hand to his earpiece, listening closely as shock spreads over his face

Adam: Breaking news: We’re hearing that the very bar Tim Drake has been spotted at has been attacked by a new face in Gotham’s rogues gallery, Chaos.  Not much is known about Chaos, but he’s been linked to the disappearances of several teenagers around Gotham and has been described as “a large, hulking creature covered in eyes”.  We’re hearing now that Chaos has struck again, kidnapping yet another child of Gotham, a young man named “Bernard Dowd”.  We’ve reached out to Dowd’s family for comment and will update you when we hear back.

The background changes abruptly to a picture of an attractive brunette.

Adam: Now, who is the mysterious new husband of Gotham socialite Veronica Vreeland – sorry folks I’m being cut off here, we’ll have to save that mystery for another time! 

The camera cuts back to Dan’s desk, as he comes rushing back to his seat from somewhere off-screen, papers flying everywhere.

Dan: Yes, sorry about that Adam, but it looks like we have a developing story over in old Gotham. Let’s go over to Isabel who’s on the scene now.

The camera cuts to Isabel, standing in front of an ambulance and a small crowd.

Isabel: Hi everyone, I’m currently standing at only one of the many locations Batman has been spotted tonight. Which included a dog show, apparently. Hm. Anyway, Batman was spotted here only minutes ago, and Dan, I did try to get a comment on the night’s events from him – it did not go well. 

Isabel looks very uncomfortable. 

Isabel: Moving on from that, I’ve also learned that famous, uh, vigilante? Villain? Any idea what we’re using for Red Hood right now? The infamous Red Hood was spotted at many of the same locations as Batman tonight, leading many to wonder how those two are getting along. Or not getting along. That’s all for – 

They touch their ear, listening to someone on an earpiece.

Isabel: Urgent update everyone! Mr. Freeze has been spotted – for the first time in a while – and has reportedly frozen Batman! We’re going to get inside now, and I recommend you do as well! 

Isabel is making frantic ‘wrap it up!’ motions at the camera, looking around, clearly nervous. 

Isabel: Back to you Dan! Quickly!

The camera cuts back to Dan, who’s trying to put on a veil of concern regarding what just happened but excitement is clearly breaking through.

Dan: Oh that sounds bad… hmm, but Freeze is back, and I do love Freeze…

A cough from Jerry off-screen brings Dan back out of his imagination.

Dan: Right. Sorry. The GC52 Family continues to expand and with reports that Gotham’s former police commissioner Jim Gordon was seen in Belize, our newest reporter Jimmy left the safety of the newsroom to report live from the jungle. Jimmy?

The camera cuts to Jimmy wearing a crumpled ill-fitting suit almost blending in to the jungle surroundings. Behind him is a large bus buried in the rubble of the Joker’s jungle compound. There are bullet holes everywhere and several bodies under sheets are also in the background. Jimmy is sweating profusely and visibly nervous.

Jimmy: Yeah? Oh, right. Sorry. This is my first time in the field. I’m… happy to be here… at the site of *gulp* so much devastation. Local authorities have been fairly tight lipped about the situation here where dozens have been killed at this jungle resort. I was able to speak with one man, on condition of anonymity, that had been employed by the resort who informed me The Joker had been staying here when it was attacked by a small army led by a woman wearing a mask similar to that worn by Bane. You may recall Bane is one of the villains believed to have been killed in the attack on Arkham Asylum.

Behind Jimmy in the jungle, there is a loud bang from something being dropped. Jimmy, already clearly on edge, jumps.

Jimmy: HAHHHHH! 

Jimmy keeps glancing over his shoulder as he delivers the next part of the report.

Dan: Jimmy! Is everything ok? Has there been any sign of former Commissioner Gordon or The Joker?

Jimmy: No, Dan. Security footage, at the bottom of the screen, taken from outside the resort shows the moment the bus crashed and what appears to be Gordon diving out of the way. I was able to confirm that Gordon is not among the dead. His current whereabouts, as well as the current location of The Joker and Lady Bane, are unknown. In addition to the gunfight there was also some kind of nerve gas attack. 

Dan: Are there any survivors? 

Jimmy: I was told that one man, an American from Texas, possibly with the last name of Sampson, was found alive but horribly disfigured. 

A small explosion can be heard in the background. Jimmy quickly turns in the direction of the explosion, horrified. A pink mist creeps slowly into view. Jimmy turns to the camera, starting to panic.

Jimmy: It appears not all of the canisters from the nerve gas attack were detonated. We need to leave the area immediately. *Cough, Cough* This is Jimmy for GC52 reporting on the scene in Belize and…crap! Bobby, we gotta run. Leave the camera. LEAVE IT. RUN! 

Jimmy turns to run. Bobby, Jimmy’s cameraman, runs into view following Jimmy as more of the pink mist fills the screen. The camera begins to fall over and lands with a thud. Jimmy and Bobby can be seen in the distance running through the jungle as the screen blinks black before cutting back to Dan in the newsroom.

Dan: Every week something like that happens. At least hazard pay is good. But that looks like it’s all we have for you, so as always… be it the Bat Symbol in Gotham, a red streak through Central City, or a golden lasso on Themyscira… GC52 has you covered with the news you need to know. Till next week, I’m your host Dan McMahon. Be strong in all your convictions.

Books covered this week:

  • Red Hood #4 by Chip Zdarsky, Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, Marcus To, Adriano Lucas, and Becca Carey.
  • Grifter #4 by Matthew Rosenberg, Ryan Benjamin, Antonio Fabela, and Saida Temofonte.
  • Tim Drake #1 by Meghan Fitzmartin, Belen Ortega, Alejandro Sanchez, and Pat Brosseau.
  • Detective Comics #1037 by Mariko Tamaki, Viktor Bogdanovic, Jonathan Glapion, Jordie Bellaire, and Aditya Bidikar.
  • Far Sector #12 by N.K. Jemisin, Jamal Campbell, and Deron Bennett.
  • Joker #4 by James Tynion IV, Guillem March, Arif Prianto, and Tom Napolitano.
  • Wonder Woman #773 by Michael W. Conrad, Becky Cloonan, Travis Moore, Tamra Bonvillain, and Pat Brosseau.
  • The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries #3 by Ivan Cohen, Dario Brizuela, Franco Riesco, and Saida Temofonte.

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