Multiveristy: Teen Justice #1 is a Delightful Start to a New Universe

Journey into the Multiversity…

Spoilers Below for Multiversity: Teen Justice #1

Earth-11’s Teen Justice team made their first appearance in 2020’s DC’s Very Merry Multiverse but don’t worry, the team kindly included it at the back of this issue to save you from looking for it. It’s a great introduction to Earth-11’s next generations of superheroes. The series opens from the perspective of a young teenager Gigi. She’s only just stepped foot in New York City as she’s thrown into a street battle between Teen Justice and H.I.V.E.

Kid Quick, Klarienne the Witch-Girl, Aquagirl, Robin, Supergirl, Donald Troy & Raven must work together to put a stop to these attacks and discover if the Church of Blood leader, Sister Blood is as innocent as she seems. Spoiler: Sister Blood is Sinestra so my speculation is things are about to go south for the young team. I was eager for more Jess Chambers, a.k.a Kid Quick since I saw them in DC’s Future State. Fun fact: They are also the first non-binary speedster!

Teen Justice

I loved Failla’s work on DCEASED so wasn’t surprised when I found myself loving the story being brought to life by their work. It’s clean and simple, always looking good on the pages. Works well alongside Angiolini’s colors. The pages are bright and fun, exactly what you’d expect from a teenage superhero comic. 

I particularly loved the romance sparking between Raven and Troy, I’m curious to see where that will take us. It might cause problems as Raven didn’t want to join Teen Justice to begin with, but things could work out. The group has conflicts when it comes to teamwork, it’s something they need to work on if they’re planning on stopping Sinestra and the Blood Church. Robin and Supergirl take it upon themselves to go on a mission resulting in a lack of trust from the rest of the team. It will be interesting to follow along with them and see if they perfect their teamwork or not. 

I’m enticed by this Gigi character and what her part will be in the grand scheme of things; perhaps she has a power unknown to herself and others that could be useful and help the teens defeat Sinestra. 

Overall, in my opinion, this was a fun issue to start us off in the multiversity of madness, it’s fresh, different, and exciting! Who doesn’t love alternative universes? I personally find different takes on well-known characters always to be worth looking into. I highly suggest hopping on board if that’s your favorite trope! 

Multiversity: Teen Justice #1

Written by Ivan Cohen & Danny Lore
Art by Marco Failla
Colors by Enrica Eren Angiolini
Letters by Carlos M. Mangual

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