YA//GC: Fragments

Today, I wanted to show you another piece of art that I’ve found in the graveyard. Oh it’s me again, The Grave Robber. Do you remember me? Please remember me. Anyway, I found this piece “Fragments” tucked under a rock by Shade’s tombstone. The whole area is just covered in flowers and spray paint. Turns out a lot of people come here to express their madness and their connection to someone in a body that sometimes doesn’t feel like their own. Anyway, there was a note on the back from the artist Alesandra. Even through the madness, Shade has connected with so many people who are on their own journeys to find who they are. If you want to see what has come before in the Young Animal project, click here.


Shade The Changing Girl was my first true introduction to comics. Sure, I grew up reading comics here and there and watching DC and Marvel movies, but Shade was it for me. I’d never stepped foot into a comic book store until I went to grab the first issue of Shade The Changing Girl and it’s been history ever since. This comic represents a beginning for me and means a lot to me personally. I drew this piece in order to depict Loma as she endures the human experience. It’s fascinating to imagine what it’s like to be another lifeform, crash landing to earth in a human body to experience all for the first time. I wanted to convey the whirl of emotions that Loma must have felt as she adjusted to her new life and new body.

I decided to draw Loma’s human body in her original clothing from her true form to show that no matter how what we go through or how confusing things may seem in life, we’re still there beneath all that. We’re still us. This was a powerful comic book series to read as someone who was a late bloomer in their early twenties, still figuring life out. I hope others can relate. 

You can find Alesandra on Twitter on her art account here.

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