Ad Infinitum: A Young Animal Doom Patrol Sequel

What happened then?

Young Animal//GateCrashers: Path to a Variant

Somehow… the Graverobber has returned with more Young Animal.

Young Animal//GC: A Path Forward

Nic Osborn examines the mental health themes in Young Animal’s Collapser.

Young Animal//GateCrashers: It’s Bright

Hi there, it’s me again. Don’t tell me that you’ve forgotten the Grave Robber! I know I have been absent recently but I am still here. Always here in this graveyard. I have been spending a lot of time near the Shade tombs… a friend named M Cruz made me a sweater because it’s been […]

YA//GC: Fragments

Today, I wanted to show you another piece of art that I’ve found in the graveyard. Oh it’s me again, The Grave Robber. Do you remember me? Please remember me. Anyway, I found this piece “Fragments” tucked under a rock by Shade’s tombstone. The whole area is just covered in flowers and spray paint. Turns […]

Mother Panic: Love Indulgent

Me, again, The Grave Robber. I found this one by the Mother Panic plot. It looks like one of Violet’s adventures that had been lost until now. Things are always found when the dirt is moved. Jody Houser did a brilliant job of jotting down most of Violet’s nights out on the town but some […]

YA//GC: A 100 Pound Backpack

I found this piece floating amongst the headstones. A beautiful piece by Kat La Mantia. They left some words on the back to try to put into the words the way they feel. Through Shade they found pieces of themselves once hidden. Madness can be a powerful thing. I wanted to share them with you […]

Explorers’ Guide to DC’s Young Animal

Hey, I’m Can, and thanks for reading this infographic!  I got into the DC Young Animal imprint around its release in 2016 – I’ve been a lifelong comics fan and comic creator, and around that time I’d been really active in the My Chemical Romance fandom online, which is how I’d heard of it.  My […]

Young Animal//GateCrashers Unearthed

The kick off to the Young Animal GateCrashers extravaganza!