Young Animal//GateCrashers: It’s Bright

Hi there, it’s me again. Don’t tell me that you’ve forgotten the Grave Robber! I know I have been absent recently but I am still here. Always here in this graveyard. I have been spending a lot of time near the Shade tombs… a friend named M Cruz made me a sweater because it’s been so cold. This sweater has kept me warm. Made me feel safe in my own madness. Sometimes you can feel like you’re falling apart but just remember that you are loved. Put on your favorite sweater and pick up your favorite comic. Plunge into the pages to escape for awhile. M put a note in the pocket of the sweater for me so I knew their intentions with this masterpiece. You can find them on twitter and instagram at @vellvetgoldmine. Please do check them out! Anyway, here is the note and some photos of my new sweater…

I chose to paint this piece inspired by Shade The Changing Girl because of how colorful & surreal the universe is in those comics. I pulled various images from different comic scenes & covers to capture the essence of Loma’s character. The quote “It’s bright” refers to the opening scene where Loma has just woken up in Megan’s body & is observing her surroundings as she walks through the Hospital halls. I love how the lines between reality & Loma’s imagination are often blurred & I hoped to do the same with this sweater!

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