Young Animal//GateCrashers: Path to a Variant

Somehow… the Graverobber has returned with more Young Animal.

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it friend? The Grave Robber has been MIA since… well… that little hiccup in October. But I’m back home in my graveyard! I’m back to bring you another wonderful momento of something lost. A piece of the world known as Young Animal. Maybe not fully lost though since Mother Panic is back in some kind of Future State but she is different. A variant upon an original. That’s what I am here to show you! A variant cover for the original Mother Panic that’s as full of spunk as she is.

My dear friend Lou, sometimes called ÀRTANIS, has let us in behind the curtain of their art.. each piece a step towards finality as every day is. I want you to slowly scroll between each of these before you head to their portfolio to see their other creations and their shop to purchase their wares to support, sunshines.

Without further ado, behold, art. Maybe I’ll be seeing you again soon to share a tall glass of milk…


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