VaultCrashers: Minisode with Damian Wassel

The second VaultCrashers minisode is here and Vault’s Damian Wassel talks about the upcoming release of THE NASTY.

Damian Wassel, Vault’s Co-founder, CEO, and Publisher joins Adair and Nikki for the second edition of VaultCrashers’ minisodes and discusses censorship in media and the importance of Kickstarter, the genre transcendent pull of horror fandom to try anything and, of course, THE NASTY. Damian shares the excitement behind the release of Vault’s new series and teases future Vault plans.

It wouldn’t be a minisode without a game and our hosts test Damian’s memory of Vault stories and their reviews with the aptly titled game, Reviews. Tune in to learn more about why Vault embraced horror and fantasy over capes and superpowers and of course we learn about Damian’s perfect sandwich (and it’s a classic).

Don’t forget to pre-order THE NASTY by March 6th and check it out at your Local Comic Book Shop on April 5th! Tune in on February 27th for the next mind bending episode of VaultCrashers.

Damian Wassel

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