Crashing the AndryVerse

On this episode of VaultCrashers, we crash head first into the David Andry’s comics to talk about titles such as Resonant!

Welcome to VaultCrashers! A show dedicated to kicking down the Vault door to help you find something you’ll fall in love with. Our mission, our creed, our code is this… to share our passion for Vault Comics in a way that makes them approachable and accessible to EVERYONE. We want you to find a comic book or graphic novel you’ll fall in love with.  

In this episode, Adair, Dan, and Nikki explore the work of David “DB” Andry while they sip on some creative cocktails and eat crickets – trust us, it makes sense. David Andry has multiple Vault titles, including Resonant, (Alejandro Aragon, Skylar Patridge, Jason Wordie, Deron Bennett) which was picked up by BET+ for development, and two ongoing series: End After End, which he co-writes with Tim Daniel (Sunando C, Kurt Michael Russell, Jim Campbell), and Denizen (Chris Shehan, Jason Wordie, Andworld), part of Vault’s Nightfall Double Feature. 

The crew chats with DB about the creative process when co-writing with Tim Daniel, which is essentially a tutorial on how to reach hashtag relationship goals, settling some discourse surrounding hotdogs, chickens, and more, before diving into Resonant, Denizen, and End After End. 

While DB is definitely a powerhouse, we would be remiss if we did not hype all of the other news coming from Vault. 

There is a WhatNot stream featuring Zac Kaplan on January 11th.

Upcoming releases:

Releasing on January 11th:

Mindset #6

End After End #5

Releasing on January 18th:

Barbaric Trade Paper Backs for Murderable Offenses and Axe to Grind PB #1 and #2

Barbaric: Hell to Pay #1

Giga #5

Nightfall Double Feature #2

West of Sundown #8

February Releases:

Bonding: A Love Story About People and Their Parasites (2/1)

Door to Door, Night by Night #3 (2/15)

FOC dates for future releases:  

Fearscape Vol. 2 (FOC by 1/16, release 2/15)

Godfell (FOC by 1/23)

The Nasty (FOC by 2/20)

And, in case you missed it, VaultCrashers released a mini-sode, featuring Dan Crary, in December. He talks about comics community building, WhatNot, conventions, and the importance of final order cutoff dates, pre-orders, and getting a pull-list at local comic shops.

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