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Sex + Whiskey: Kinktober

Welcome to Kinktober! In this episode Nikki and RJ explore the world of kinks, fetishes, BDSM and the power dynamics.

Welcome back to the another episode of ‘Sex + Whiskey: An Educational Series,’ a GateCrashers podcast! Our hosts Nikki and RJ will sip on a dram of the good stuff, while discussing the more exciting stuff. They will take you on a journey, exploring whiskeys from around the world, while also educating you on the birds and the bees, especially correcting what school or your parents missed on. Their goal is to promote a safe and fun environment, that will leave you empowered and educated on your next bedroom adventure. 

In this episode of Sex + Whiskey, Nikki and RJ explore “kinky” as an umbrella term for a variety of sexual behaviors frequently shamed and considered outside the norm, differentiate between kinky versus fetishes, define several specific kinks, touch on the world of BDSM (bondage, domination, discipline, sadism, submission, masochism) and power dynamics.

What is kink? For many, it is the opposite of Vanilla sex (check out our previous episode on vanilla sex!), but the world of kink encompasses plenty of behaviors folks would consider vanilla. And plenty of partners engage in “kinky” activities as their vanilla sex standard, including spankings, light bondage, and more.

Most importantly, this episode highlights the need for communication and boundaries, not pushing a partner into uncomfortable scenarios, and how consent plays a role in kinky activities – especially the power dynamics explored in BDSM.

For anybody interested in exploring their kinky side and learning more, Nikki highly recommends checking out for resources.  

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