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We are joined by The Fic List to talk all about fan fiction from what it is and how it empowers fans to see the stories they want.

Fan Fiction. It’s a hot topic genre that elicits deep emotions from both readers and detractors alike. But its roots go deep in the history of storytelling, and the GateCrashers want you to explore all the good that fanfic has to offer the world. It’s a place for readers and creators to live out fan cannon, let unfulfilled ships sail, and connect with people in the fandoms you love most. Fan Fiction certainly deserves its own page in the annals of internet history, and we’re convinced that if you give fanfic a chance, the perfect fic is out there waiting for you.

This week, Dan and Ashley take a deep dive into this literary marvel known as fan fiction. Now, we can’t claim to be the authority, so buckle up, because we’ve joined forces for a special episode with podcasting fanfic phenoms, Erin and Alan from The Fic List! The Fic List reads and reviews fanfics together, recapping and discussing their weekly themed picks for their audience.

Dan and Ashley were pleased to be joined by Erin and Alan from The Fic List for a conversation regarding where to read fanfic, why it gets a bad rap, how the genre has evolved, and its importance to the LGBTQIA+ community. We get into how it doesn’t need to be considered a guilty pleasure and how it can find it’s readers. Alan talks about how they often read fan fictions based on properties like television and film that they’ve never even seen. Sometimes stories in general connect no matter what the context. There is no barrier for entry into fan fiction which makes it a unique place to cut your teeth on trying your hand at actually writing.

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