Join Jake and Jon as they dive into the world of Digimon with the third series and first stand alone anime of Digimon Tamers.

Anime August returns with Jake and Jon discussing the champions, Digimon. The pair try hard to stay on task discussing Digimon Tamers, a standalone season of the series. Chosen for its mature take on the franchise the delves into trauma of its characters as the children deal with hardships, such as death of a friend, depression, and other potential harm they face on Earth or the Digital world.

That said the pair discuss various things like Saban and other properties, from power rangers to things like Van-pires and the one guy from Big Bad Beetleborgs.

But join Jake and Jon as they discuss the world of Digimon digital monsters and how Tamers started as being set in the real world where Digimon is a game and show only to see that it was bleeding over into the real world something the original developers never thought possible.

But as Digimon emerge so do their human partners known as tamers. Takato, the series goggleheaded leader, and his partner Guilmon, the goodest boy digimon, go from fun loving friends to champions of justice. Rika, the tamer known as the Digimon Queen, and Renamon, the fox with the drive to be the best, go from cold hearted fighters to caring friends. Henry, son of one of the original Digimon coders, and Terriermon, the bunny with a sarcastic attitude as big as his ears, go from hiding from fights to protecting those they care about. Jeri and Leomon from shining optimism to heartbreak. Kazu and Guardromon, full of it and a copycat respectively. Kenta and Marineangemon, kind of a bitch and a cute little angel. Ryo and Cyberdramon, the best of the best. Suzie and Lopmon, a little girl and her bunny. And Impmon, who goes fromca prankster that sounds like he should be on the Sopranos to a quest from redemption. Watch Digimon tamers and give us a listen.

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