Chainsaw Man

VRRRRRRM VRRRRRMMMM, rev those chainsaws because we’re becoming one with the devil to talk about all of Chainsaw Man!

Releasing on December 3rd 2018, Chainsaw Man created by mangka Tatsuki Fujimoto vrmm’d onto the shounen scene and begged the question humanity was begging to know: what if a man, but with chainsaws? The answer as it turned out was clear: Yes. The series has vrrrm’d to massive popularity with widespread acclaim. With the release of Part 2 of the series on Shonen Jump as well as an anime adaptation by MAPPA – the team responsible for adapting Jujutsu Kaisen and working on the finale season of Attack on Titan – it seems the series has broken through to the majors. 

We’re all the more grateful for it. Chainsaw Man follows Denji, a poverty stricken teenager who fights devils in order to live. When he loses his life and makes a deal morphing with the Chainsaw Devil, he is resurrected and thus, Chainsaw Man is born. He soon meets Makima and is employed under her command as a Public Sector Devil Hunter, working with stoic Aki Hayakawa and a fiend named Power. A wild and frenetic rampage of visceral violence and unnerving horror merged with a touching coming of age story about chosen families, Chainsaw Man is a series you don’t want to miss out on. 

Get ready to commence operation super smart as Dan, Jake, Amanda and Amir rev up those chainsaws discussing their favorite elements of the series from the colorful cast of characters, the subversive takes on horror and shounen tropes, and why Beam is the best character of all time. We also get an informative lesson on the history of chainsaws, themes, and the delightful easter eggs and references we managed to pick up on.  

Chainsaw Man

Haven’t vrrrrr-ahem, read it yet? No worries, grab yourself a copy of Chainsaw Man or read it online through the Shonen Jump or Manga Plus app and tune in for a hilarious conversation amongst good friends, and chainsaws. 

We may have also added in an ad for our own show as a bit.

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[…] Chainsaw Man is a story that is bonkers, emotionally driven, and violent and its anime adaptation will further solidify it as an instant hit. Following the story of Denji, a poor and down-on-his-luck teenager as he deals with a life of poverty inherited by his dead father. His skills at hunting Devils, (monsters from Hell) makes him valuable to the Public Safety Division, a governmental Devil Hunter group. Led by Makima, Denji explores a better life but at what cost? […]

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