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Sex + Whiskey: Exploring Your Options

Join Nikki, Rj, and their special guest Elle, as they navigate the world of Planned Parenthood, surgical contraception, and protecting your rights in an ever-changing world.

Welcome back to the fifth episode of ‘Sex + Whiskey: An Educational Series,’ a GateCrashers podcast! Our hosts Nikki and RJ will sip on a dram of the good stuff, while discussing the more exciting stuff. They will take you on a journey, exploring whiskeys from around the world, while also educating you on the birds and the bees, especially correcting what school or your parents missed on. Their goal is to promote a safe and fun environment, that will leave you empowered and educated on your next bedroom adventure. This week they are joined by special guest Elle Daniel, as they help navigate ways to protect your bodily autonomy and making the informed choices for your future!


Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing reproductive healthcare such as abortions, STI testing, birth control access, HIV services, and even cancer screenings. On top of healthcare, Planned Parenthood also shares sex education and information to help as many people as possible be informed and make smart, safe decisions about their body and sex! One of these ways they provide information is through their Teen Council program, a peer-led sex education group, where high schoolers volunteer to learn about comprehensive sex education, and then teach it in their own classrooms to their fellow classmates! For the last two years of my high school career, I participated in Teen Council, teaching about consent, birth control, and STI’s. I visited multiple schools, answered questions, and debunked myths about sexual health!


With the Supreme Court and states stripping people of access to safe abortion, many may be turning towards surgical sterilization options. People with a uterus have two options for sterilization, which is a permanent form of pregnancy prevention. The most prominent procedure is tubal ligation, where a piece of both fallopian tubes are removed, closed, or cut. A bilateral salpingectomy completely removes the fallopian tubes. 

As a refresher, pregnancy occurs when the egg travels down the fallopian tubes and a sperm fertilizes that egg, creating an embryo. That embryo implants itself in the lining of the uterus. Abortion is not completely banned in the United States; however it is several restricted or outright banned – in some cases with exceptions – in many states. Options for the type of procedure performed are dependent on how far along you are in the pregnancy. 

There is legal confusion by doctors and hospitals on what they can and cannot do in cases of medical emergencies, such as an ectopic pregnancy. Honestly, the world is a scary place as bodily autonomy is stripped away. If you or somebody you know are in need of an abortion, visit

Looking for ways to help with abortion access in the US? Check out

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