DC’s Strange Love Adventures is a Wonderful Examination of Love in all its Various Facets

Dan and Violet take a look at the latest holiday special from DC Comics.

Harley Quinn in “Lightning in a Bottle”

Stephanie Phillips – Writer
Jon Sommariva – Artist
Rex Lokus – Colorist
Pat Brosseau – Letterer

Strange Love Adventures is the right name when it comes to this wacky, fun story about Harley and…Black Adam?! I know – I panicked too. These two being the most unlikely pair surprisingly makes for an interesting dynamic duo, and they have great fashion taste too, might I add. Stephanie Phillips kills comics once more, knocking it out of the park, keeping us all on edge, biting our nails, did Harley seriously settle for Black Adam? I know her rebound reputation ain’t exactly a clean record but come on! The art is so much fun and has vibrancy beyond belief. Sommariva and Lokus really pulled together here. The final scene shows our beloved Harlivy snuggling on the couch sharing their worst date stories. Love is in the air, all is well.  – Violet

Flash and Gorilla Grodd in “The Grodd Couple”

Rich Douek – Writer
Scot Eaton – Penciller
Wayne Faucher – Inker
Hi-Fi – Colorist
Saida Temofonte – Letterer

This story was one of my favorites from the book. A love-struck Grodd seeks advice from “the purest example of love” – Barry Allen, the fastest man alive, and his beau Iris. Grodd has met Primat, a glorious gorilla with a pretty bow, and will do anything to woo her even if that means putting differences aside to achieve such things. The Flash and Grodd take their ladies out for dinner – I adored how close Iris and Primat immediately became, like drunk girls in a bathroom! It’s a wholesome, enjoyable story that proves people will do anything in the name of love. – Violet

Peacemaker in “Love of Country”

Rex Ogle – Writer
Geraldo Borges – Artist
Nick Filardi – Colorist
Ferran Delgado – Letterer

There is a lot to unpack in this story. Peacemaker is clearly one truly $%#@ed up individual but at least he loves love right? The art starts with the new staple of Peacemaker in his underwear but quickly flips over to ultra-violent. Ferran Delgado’s coloring of the blood in this story is exceptional. It is interesting to see how much James Gunn and John Cena’s influence on the character is changing the comic version of the character already. – Dan

Blue Beetle in “Ritual of Love”

Andrew Marino – Writer
Pablo M. Collar – Artist
Dee Cunniffe – Colorist
Josh Reed – Letterer

The puns and jokes in this story fit and land so well, I was surprised I found myself chuckling at puns, as I’m usually one to roll my eyes. Reed does a fantastic job of animating the puns and dragged-out sentences, I could almost hear everything. The whole story is ridiculous in the best way possible. Jaime accidentally performs a courting ritual with a Dryadian proving himself to be the better mate. I recommend reading this for yourself if you want a good laugh. The art is fabulous to look at and really suits the tone of the story. – Violet

Shazam and Superman “In the Name of Love”

Che Grayson – Writer
Jon Mikel – Artist
Nick Filardi – Colorist
Carlos M. Mangual – Letterer

When you think Superman couldn’t get any more pure or sweet; wait till you see him be a wingman for little Billy Batson. My heart burst when Billy rang Clark to help him with a wedding he’s attending – a VR Grease wedding. It sounds wild but honestly, nothing phases me anymore after the past two years. The big brother, little brother trope hits home to me as I grew up with two brothers who taught me more how to fight than to impress girls, but I digress. I really loved this story for its innocence of genuinely wanting to get to know someone for who they are. – Violet

Alfred in “Service”

Devin Grayson – Writer
Roger Robinson – Artist
Tony Avina – Colorist
Pat Brosseau – Letterer

Alfred’s dedication to loving those he was originally employed by is undeniable. This story explores what that love means in a different way. It follows Alfred as he learns how to love in a different way. We often see romantic love in most Valentine’s stories but this explores the other side of belonging. Devin Grayson perfectly captures the love that Alfred has for every member of the Batfamily in this story with art by Roger Robinson and Tony Avina that shows the progress of time spectacularly. – Dan

Sgt. Rock in Romance on Dinosaur Island

Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly – Writer
Christian Duce – Artist
Enrica Eren Angiolini – Colorist
Steve Wands – Letterer

I had no clue what to expect going into this story. I have never read any Sgt. Rock stories but I know who he is and what he is about. I did not expect this story to follow the path it did. I don’t want to say more than that because I think it’s worth reading, especially with how the story is structured with masterful lettering from Steve Wands. This is my favorite story from this anthology because it takes a route that I never saw coming to deliver a heartwarming story. – Dan

Batman in “Dinner for Two”

Ram V – Writer
Phil Hester – Penciller
Eric Gapstur and Ande Parks – Inkers
Dee Cunniffe – Colorist
Clem Robins – Letterer

Batman’s Rogues are so successful in my opinion because they are tragic. They are made up of every broken piece that made them the villain or monster they are. Ram V explores the broken heart of the Riddler in this story with beautiful art from Phil Hester, Eric Gapstur, and Ande Parks. Dee Cunniffe’s colors are majestic, especially the opening panels with fluorescent lights coloring the scene of the crime. – Violet

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