The Suicide Squad Review

Violet is here with a spoiler-free review of The Suicide Squad!

Whew, okay, what a wild weekend I’ve been having. Watching The Suicide Squad three times over was one of the most exciting things I managed to get up to. Let’s break it down, spoiler-free, of course!

The opening to this movie is informative and intense. You’re all settled down nicely, popcorn in hand, the cast is sharing familiarities, you’re thinking: “How sweet, this is gonna be cozy campfire time” …then BAM, it throws you into the explosive tone of the movie and you haven’t even swallowed the salty goodness. Comic book fans will enjoy the banter had between the characters throughout as they all gel together well. 

This is especially true with Viola Davis, Jai Courtney, Margot Robbie, and Joel Kinnaman, all reprising their roles from David Ayer’s 2016 movie. They already have established relationships that are really enjoyable to watch, and it felt good having them all back together.

The camera shots and technology utilized throughout are revolutionary. James Gunn partnered with RED to create camera shots so breathtaking and realistic that they submerge you directly into the scene, right alongside the characters. Fast-tracked angles, practical effects, one-take shots, it’s truly something you have to see on the big screen to fully appreciate. 

The upbeat soundtrack has a brilliant way of getting you to enjoy the gore and violence taking place in front of you and almost helps you forget your attachment to the characters who are falling victim to Gunn’s knife. Not to mention, the score increases this to a whole new level. I found myself psychically getting lost in the emotions and genuine feeling of the scene rather than just watching it. Cataclysmic, catastrophic, catastrophes cushioned with calming, soothing notes are oddly comforting, and yet not all at the same time. It’s like being lulled into a false sense of security before being scolded by your parents.

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn is simply brilliant. Pulled straight from all of our favorite, most memorable comic books. She manages to capture the essence and different styles of the character’s past writers and combine them fluidly into one another, giving us this loveable adaptation we can’t take our eyes off. She’s cold, calculated, unapologetic, and absolutely bonkers in all of the right ways. Her portrayal gave a perfect balance of her morals and mindset throughout her scenes. And the woman does all of her own stunts?! She is THE Harley Quinn.

Daniela Melchior as Ratcatcher 2 will surprise many. She’s truly the heart of the movie. Her organic acting and mesmerizing lines will have you clutching your heart – just as she clutches her rat Sebastian (who is also incredibly adorable may I add.) Daniela gave her all and had me sobbing at the screen more than once. She’s a natural-born star, and I look forward to seeing where her career takes her. 

There are surprisingly several heartwarming moments within the story, having the characters develop strong relationships and become more accepting of each other and their differences, and realize they’re not all that different from one another. 

The bad guys tug your heartstrings in this one, and not just the Task-Force-X ensemble. Starro the Conqueror has a more tragic story than we all expected, but I’ll let you all figure that one out, and we can discuss it at a later date.

There are unimaginable turns. James Gunn cannot stress “don’t get too attached” enough. My hand was up to my mouth in shock more than once, with certain scenes quite literally making me angry with the outcome, but hey, that’s show business. I have to praise John Cena and his role as Peacemaker. The “douchey Captain America” sold it for me and he absolutely sent it. You can tell he really enjoyed every second of his role. There’s a depth to this character, and I will be tuning into the Peacemaker show coming out next January.

Honorable mention to King Shark, Nanaue, a total sweetheart who would eat your face off simply because he’s hungry. Honestly, he is some great comic relief while also being terrifying! Same with Idris Elba, he really stole a bunch of scenes throughout, giving a powerful performance as the squad leader. He demands your attention towards the screen whenever he appears. His daughter, Tyla (Storm Reid), needs a mention simply because, for me personally, she had one of the rawest, heart-wrenching scenes of all. Storm is insanely talented and played her role incredibly well. 

That’s all I can say for now, but I cannot wait for everyone to get a look at this action-packed, thrill-filled comic book movie. Comic fans won’t be disappointed.

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