Ethan and Dan sling some webs this week as the talk about all things Spider-Man!

Peter Parker, Spider-Man

Welcome True Believers! This week on GateCrashers, we’re talking about your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. With his 60th Birthday on the horizon and the entire multi-verse opening up for him, we wanted to take the chance to go thwipping with Peter Parker himself. With three versions of Peter swinging across screens, everyone has their own Peter that they have grown up with. He’s a hero so many see themselves in.

Ethan and Dan talk about all of the films, an iconic comic arc, a great starter comic, and so much more. The duo chats about their favorite aspects of each film version of the character and what version of Peter is their favorite. We talk about what makes Spider-Man a hero that everyone can relate to one way or another even after 50 years of him existing. New fans of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man pop up every day with how often Spidey is in media so we wanted to give new fans a few places to start!


They realize that “Kraven’s Last Hunt” is actually a very dark story with a really grim ending despite being a classic story. So be ready for a rather gruesome ending to a story man herald as a must read.

It’s also the first time on the podcast you’ll get to hear an extended version of Dan talking about his love for the Green Goblin but more so Willem Dafoe. We don’t think it’s going to be the last time this happens but it’s the first time we’ve let him off the leash about it.

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If you’re looking for more Peter Parker or other good places to start, check out our Crash Course on the friendly neighborhood web slinger as well!

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