Discover What’s Missing: GC Webtoon Picks for November 2021

November Webtoon recommendations from the GateCrashers!

Are you a Webtoon reader? If you aren’t, there are plenty of GateCrashers who want to point you in the direction of this accessible platform to read webcomics. Don’t worry, we’ll be here every step of the way as your guides. To start you off on your Webtoon journey, the GateCrashers have three recommendations with characters who are creative and determined heroes with vivid worlds and impressive art styles. Whether you’re new to the platform or a devoted reader, we’re here to spotlight fantastic stories we think are worthy of your time!

The Strongest Florist
By Hyun hoo Joo/Kumtata
Platform: Webtoon
Genre: Action
Submitted by Simon

In a fantasy VR world, you can be anything you want to be. Of course, for a lot of players, this just refers to choices of class, character design, and the like, but Jaeho wants nothing to do with fighting. Instead, he just wants to use VR to enact his dream of becoming a world-famous florist and get away from the pressures of his family. However, fate has more plans for Jaeho than letting him be a simple florist.

I look forward to The Strongest Florist every week because I never seem to know where the plot’s going, but despite that, every event logically follows from one to the next. It’s fast-paced, never letting its reader base get bored, and watching how the people and world around Jaeho change over time is quite engaging. These fantasy VR Webtoon series seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but The Strongest Florist really is a cut above the rest, and I hope it stands the test of time.

The Strongest Florist updates every Saturday.

Third Shift Society
By Meredith Moriarty
Platform: Webtoon
Genre: Supernatural
Submitted by Matt

Third Shift Society by Meredith Moriarty begins with our protagonist, Ellie, who is trying to clumsily make her way through adulthood and unfortunately, not succeeding all that well. After being fired from her job and attempting to make some money on the side, a peculiar man named Ichabod crashes into her life. Did I mention he has a pumpkin for a head? Ellie finds herself thrown into the mysteries of the supernatural paired alongside Ichabod as they work as paranormal investigators for hire.

The beauty of the story is its introduction to the lore. Third Shift Society gives you crumbs as it explains the supernatural phenomenon hiding in the city. You aren’t overloaded with information and you learn alongside Ellie as she is thrusted into new situations. Ellie is an enjoyable lead as she allows you to connect to her with her down-to-earth personality, her can-do attitude, and her ability to get through sticky situations with all the grace of a fish out of water flopping hopelessly across the ground. Ichabod on the other hand is more serious and helps lead Ellie and the reader through the inner workings of the paranormal, while also giving us a bit of dry sarcasm and an air of mystery to keep the reader intrigued. Together the two make for an amusing pair.

If you’re a fan of the supernatural and crave a character driven story then look no further! Third Shift Society started its second season on September 30th and updates every Friday on Webtoons!

The Kiss Bet
By Ingrid Ochoa
Platform: Webtoon
Genre: Romance
Submitted by Ashley

It’s Sara Lin’s 18th birthday and she’s running through the streets of the city with her best friend Patrick and cousin Vicky having what is obviously the best night ever. As they descend the stairs toward the subway station giggling and goofing off, conversation turns to the revelation that Sara Lin has lived 18 years and she’s somehow never been kissed. Like the good friend that he is, Patrick challenges Sara Lin to the kiss bet! Five bucks are hers, so long as she kisses the boy they’ve found sitting alone on a bench in the subway station. Of course, the newly minted Subway Boy calls her a weirdo and Sara Lin remains kiss-less, but what comes after is a sweet romantic comedy now in its third season on Webtoon.

I stumbled on The Kiss Bet by Ingrid Ochoa by accident, but it’s one of my favorite Webtoons now. Sara Lin is a hapless romantic, unable to determine which of the three boys in her life is the right one for her; Swoony new boy Joe, best friend Patrick, or solemn Subway Boy who turned her kiss down? While there is romance at the heart of this webcomic, the characters inhabiting Sara Lin’s world are outstanding. Ochoa pens a hilarious background cast who give life and dimension to the story, keeping The Kiss Bet from feeling one-note. While Sara Lin’s predicament may sound a little trivial, she is kind, determined, and Ochoa gives her a wardrobe I wish I could summon into my own life. If you’re looking for a sweet laugh, you can’t go wrong reading The Kiss Bet.

Season three of The Kiss Bet began in October and updates every Saturday on Webtoon.

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