The Grave Robber’s takeover continues as we dive into Halloween and all things Michael Myers ahead of the release of Halloween Kills!

The GateSlashers continue their dive into all things horror as the Grave Robber gathers a fresh group of innocents to experience The Night He Came Home. Yes, we’re here today to talk about Halloween 1978, and Halloween 2018, to get you prepped on everything Michael Myers before the new film releases this week!

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[…] It’s fascinating that Cameron got the idea for 1984’s The Terminator from a nightmare because the action/sci-fi film contains many elements straight out of a horror film. The Terminator usually isn’t regarded as a horror film itself, even if the occasional article may disagree with this stance. It’s got the final girl defeating the monster after it undergoes multiple fake-out deaths, police who are completely dismissive of a threat beyond their comprehension, young people seemingly being slaughtered for their lust, and even the occasional jumpscare. Cameron’s earliest illustrations of the Terminator even sometimes featured it wielding a knife, like Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise. […]

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