Mark Waid Talks Batman Vs Robin and World’s Finest

Mark Waid stops by the show to talk about his return to DC Comics, Batman vs Robin, World’s Finest, and an absolute first for our first Q.

If you’ve ever read DC Comics, there’s a good chance one of the stories has been written by Mark Waid. He’s written some of the best DC books of all time with huge runs on many famous characters. You may know him from his legendary run on The Flash which many readers herald as the best run of the character. He’s had runs with other major characters like Superman, Daredevil, and many more. One of his essential reads is Kingdom Come, a series that examines what a darker future could look like. After almost a decade of being away from DC Comics, Mark has returned strong with World’s Finest and soon Batman vs Robin.

Dan was lucky enough to chat with Mark Waid about these books and his approach to the DC Universe as it is now rather than when he left. Mark gets into his approach on stories starring the Dark Knight Batman and the big blue boy scout Superman. Mark talks about his approach to them as characters but more importantly the characters around them that he wants to explore to tell fresh stories with two of the biggest characters of all time. Dan and Mark Waid gush about Dan Mora and Jordie Bellaire’s work on the look of the Doom Patrol in his book. Dan inquires about the choice to bring in the weirdest team in the DC Universe into a book that features the two heavy hitters for the company.

After Mark Waid shoots Dan’s assertion that Damian Wayne is the best Robin out there, they discuss the upcoming mini-series Batman vs Robin. Mark talks about the work that went into bringing a character from fantasy stories to the pages of DC Comics while being respectful of the culture the character comes from. They discuss what the story means in the larger context of the relationship between a father and son and so much more.

Mark Waid

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