GC52 News: DC Comics Released 09/28/2021

The GC52 News Team is back with a look at the latest releases from DC Comics!

(Spoilers for DC Comics releases 09/28/2021)

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GC52 News begins at the old faithful time even if the program has been a bit different for the last few weeks. Once again, the news report starts in Gotham City. This time, it doesn’t begin with lead anchor Dan in his bulletproof best gallivanting around Gotham doing what he can during this Fear State. This week the program begins with Dan sitting in a booth at a diner in Gotham city. In front of him sits two cups of coffee and two slices of pie. One in front of him and one on the other side of the table from a guest who had to be on their way. 

Dan: Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening to all our wonderful viewers from the docks of Coast City to the furthest reaches of Oa, you are watching the multiverse’s best news show that brings you the news that you need to know! As always, I’m your host, Dan McMahon, doing my part to keep you updated on what is happening up to the minute in Gotham City as the Fear State continues. I had to meet an old friend for a slice of pie before they had to head out of town… actually I won’t be coy with you viewers. Clark Kent, more well known as Superman now, gave me a call to offer some emotional support knowing that I’ve been on the streets again working. You see, we all know there’s been something going on since those Warworld ships appeared in the skies. 

I’ve known Clark since I became a journalist at the Daily Planet after I got out of… nevermind. I was an intern and Clark showed me the ropes. Showed me that a journalist can be more than just someone who writes grabby titles or who tries to win awards. Journalists can be people who change the world at large or the world for one person. They can inspire, reveal truths, and do so much more. Clark was and is my hero because he showed me that everyone can make a difference no matter how big or small they believe they are. So that’s why I’m here. After years behind a desk, I needed to step out to do some good again. I learned that Clark was Superman the day everyone else did but that doesn’t change a thing. He’s just as human to me now as he was then… I wish him the best of luck out there amongst the stars. I’ll keep doing what I can here in Gotham. 

The camera cuts to Ethan in the remote Batcave under Gotham. He’s on the phone with someone.

Ethan: Yes Director Chase, the situation here is getting worse by the day but I really don’t know what good a full-scale DEO incursion into the city would do right now. Maybe once Bats and the others have finished off Scarecrow we can help with clean-up. Anyways, you called for an update on Bones. 

I’ve been doing some digging, looks like whatever he and this Checkmate have been working on is related to Leviathan. Seems they were operating out of an abandoned church but were ambushed there. And, well, now the church is gone… Yes, just vanished, same goes for Bones and the others, there’s no trace of them. I’ll keep working on it

He looks around the room and realizes the camera has been recording the whole conversation.

Ethan: #?%@, look boss I’ve got to go but you mentioned something about Deathstroke… Really? With Black Canary?… And they just handed the HIVE Queen over? Okay, I’ll do some digging into this TRUST organization and what they’re up to. I’ll call once I have any updates. Agent 17, out.

Hey Dan, sorry about that, the other job y’know. Can you bring back a cheeseburger from that diner? You need any info?

Dan’s voice comes over the radio.

Dan: Sure, I can get you one. Any update on Robin, feels weird he’s not here seeing as everyone else is.

Ethan: Hmm, last update was the old Robins had made contact with him but whatever they discussed led to Robin heading back to Lazarus Island. There’s a tournament going on there but I doubt he’s just there to participate. If I get any more info I’ll let you know. Oh, looks like I’ve got Kevin’s report from the JL, cutting to him now.

The camera cuts to a somber Kevin, standing in front of a large smoking crater strewn with rubble. He keeps his head bowed.

Kevin: It gives me no pleasure to announce to you the grim news that I must bring today. The Justice League of America, the greatest heroes our world has ever known, have finally faced a foe that was too much even for them. I’m Kevin, reporting to you from what was once the Hall of Justice, on the Last Days of the Justice League of America.

He solemnly reaches down and picks up a fragment of marble.

Kevin: It is a story told in a way by this humble rock. By itself, it is unimpressive. But once, blended with other rocks, it was a part of the mighty facade which the Justice League presented to the world; the monumental edifice in the heart of America which announced the power and majesty of our greatest champions. Until… Synmar.

Kevin looks away, as though trying to blink back tears. He takes a deep breath and continues. Behind him, there is a rapid flash of movement in the rubble.

Kevin: The alien Synmar Utopica attacked the Hall of Justice and made war upon the Justice League. As they always did, our protectors rallied, this time with the help of the United Order, warriors from space – whom diligent viewers will have seen interviewed by yours truly live and exclusively on camera right here on GC52, ahem.

There are now two streaks of light behind Kevin, one red and gold and the other red and blue, zipping back and forth rapidly, though he does not notice them.

Kevin: Synmar has at least been stopped, thanks to their heroic effort – and, I fear, their heroic sacrifices. For their world-famous headquarters, the very symbol of justice incarnate, has not survived the battle. We do not yet know if any heroes have been more fortunate, but it is clear that, like this rock, any who do may now be only shattered fragments of what –

The Flash suddenly appears on screen, zipping past and grabbing the fragment from Kevin’s hand with what sounds very much like “Yoink!” before vanishing. Kevin starts, looking around in confusion. He swallows and tries to plow on.

Kevin: I – uh – that is…. Only shattered fragments of what was once a greater whole. This… this is Kevin, signing o –

He half-turns – and the Hall of Justice suddenly stands gleaming and pristine behind him, exactly as it was before. The Flash and Superman high five before heading inside. Kevin stares for a full ten seconds, before whirling in anger.


He storms off, leaving the camera showing only the picture-perfect Hall of Justice before cutting back to the diner in Gotham City. Dan looks up from the laptop he’s been using to stay in contact with Ethan in the remote Batcave.

Dan: The Mayor has gone missing…. He was attacked by some unknown assailant. A new player in a city turned upside down. The Magistrate was on the scene with little to no help whatsoever. The only reason Mayor Nakano may still be alive is the reason he’s in this mess, Batman. As soon as I have more intel, I’ll be sure to bring it to you. For now, it happened so quickly I couldn’t get across the city even if I wanted to find out more. Anyway, let’s find out what’s going on with Mister Miracle.

The camera cuts to Raleigh in front of a computer.

Raleigh: Good day to all! We’re once again about to see what our dear Mister Miracle is up to. Although this time it’s gonna be a bit different. You see, last time I saw him, he left the planet in a hurry to someplace called New Genesis. I can’t go there, but I managed to get into the machine that gives him his powers, the motherbox, which was surprisingly easy. The password was simply ‘’D4rk2ei0_isn’t69’’. With this, we can see what Miracle’s seeing. Are y’all ready? Let’s get started.

The computer starts, showing Mister Miracle with two allies.

Raleigh: He’s with the old man who rescued him before! I don’t recognize the other one, he seems to be from New Genesis. Shilo’s sitting on a chair…It’s called the Mobius chair, it seems to be capable of traveling the universe, and containing all knowledge available from it. He’s asking who was N’vir, the superpowered woman who attacked him. 

The camera focuses on the computer as Raleigh tries to concentrate on what’s happening.

Raleigh: He only said her story was tragic, and she blames him for it. There’s a whole time mess happening here, it’s very confusing. Miracle ignited a civil war to fight against N’vir, and in the process created something called a temporal storm. He already did things that he hasn’t done yet.  He wants to finish the battle between them once and for all, and they’re about to travel to the future to do that. Can they escape N’vir’s fury long enough to do that, and more importantly, is he strong enough to defeat her? 

They’re charging the chair to travel and…Holy smokes! It’s a gigantic battlefield. There are countless aliens that are cheering for Mister Miracle’s arrival! He’s clearly not the only one who’s fed up with N’vir’s empire. 

A flash of light brightens the screens and quickly dissipates.

Raleigh: They barely had time to prepare, she’s already here, and with a whole army! But Miracle stays firm, he’s decided to fight and finally end things. We can only hope. N’vir sent her army against him and…WHAT. ‘’Signal lost’’? How’s that even possible? I can’t believe this shit. 

I’m so sorry about this, but the only thing I can do is wait. That motherbox must be cheaply made. I hope to see you again next time to finish this, but this is where we stop for now. See you later!

The camera cuts back to Dan.

Dan: Let’s head over to Jimmy, er, I mean, Dickkory, to find out what’s going on with that mysterious creature in Gotham. Dickkory.

The camera cuts back to Dickkory Shippers. He is standing in a large, dark cavern lit from the light of the camera. One of the walls behind him is covered by a cocoon-like sac. It is rotting and grotesque. He is dressed in a sharp, dark suit with a light-colored tie that has a pattern made up of pictures of Dan’s face.

Jimmy: No, it’s Jimmy. I’m Jimmy. I want to take a second before I begin my report to apologize to the GC52 viewers. Since my last report, my cameraman Bobby helped me get in to see a few doctors in Metropolis. It turns out I had been suffering from delusions as a result of inhaling trace amounts of the Joker toxin in Belize as well as coming into contact with the Killer Croc pheromone, more on that later, here in this Gotham. After treatment and some intense therapy sessions at the Langstrom Institute, I am doing much better.

The camera cuts back to Dan who is quizzically looking into the camera as though he’s a bit dubious.

Dan: Glad to have you back then, Jimmy. What’s with the tie? 

The camera cuts back Jimmy.

Jimmy: It’s all part of the apology, Daniel. I mean, Dan. As for my report, I’m on-site where the Batman found Waylon Jones aka Killer Croc attached to this rotting sac behind me. According to my sources, the Batman was able to free Croc from the sac. Unfortunately, Croc had no memory of the last several days or the creature. I have learned that the earlier reports that the reptile estrogen found in the blood of the creature’s victims, the same substance that led to my, uh, condition, is actually a pheromone secreted by Croc prior to birthing this creature. The pheromone caused intense discomfort and eventual rage by those exposed to it. All of this stems back to Croc’s origins in the swamps east of Tampa and a crashed C-130 reportedly called the Retcon-1 carrying an experimental defoliant that may actually have been extraterrestrial in origin.

The camera cuts back to Dan.

Dan: So, Waylon Jones, the villain known as Killer Croc, birthed this creature that has been terrorizing Gotham’s villains? Where is the creature now? 

The camera cuts back to Jimmy.

Jimmy: Yes, that’s the theory, Dan. The Batman and Croc are believed to still be somewhere in the area trying to lure the creature out. I feel bad for whomever they’re using as bait. 

A low grumble is heard in the distance as Jimmy is finishing his report. The grumble grows in intensity and volume as it turns into a desperate, hungry growl. Jimmy looks to his right off camera, eyes wide, filled with terror. The camera remains on Jimmy.

Jimmy: Oh shi-

Creature: MAAAA MAAAA?

The camera starts to turn in the direction of the creature and cuts out. It then cuts back to Dan in the studio.

Dan: I’m sure he’ll be fine. Let’s find out from Rook what’s been going on with Jon Kent in the wake of his father leaving for the stars.

The camera cuts to an information screen showing scrolling images of the young Superman. Rook’s voice comes from seemingly nowhere as they begin to report.

Rook: Well, I’ve been looking into the secret machinations of Gamorran president Henry Bendix for the last few days. And I’ve found nothing. The man is so paranoid he privacy-shields most of his complex, rendering it largely impossible to view even from my perspective as a reporter outside of space and time. I think I have a lead on a workaround, but that’ll have to wait.

In the meantime, I’ll report on Bendix’s actions. He requested the deportation of the ship of Gamorran refugees Jon Kent saved earlier in the week. This resulted in a lot of peaceful protests, and a lot of arrests, including Jon Kent — Superman. 

Kent arriving on scene tipped the dynamic towards the aims of the protestors. After making a speech about his father being a refugee himself, and making it clear that if the police were going to arrest dozens of innocent protestors he would be going with them, Kent was taken to jail. However, he secured more international media spotlight on the protests. With the whole world paying attention, the government relented and agreed to release all of the protestors, Superman included. 

While this is definitely a victory, we all know president Bendix isn’t going to take this lying down. And with the Kents’ identities public, it’s only a matter of time until he strikes to hit them where it hurts. The only question is will the man of steel be able to see it coming before it’s too late?

When the camera cuts back to Dan in the diner, he’s rushing out behind someone dressed as Batman. From the size of him, it’s clear it isn’t the true Batman.

Dan: The reports of an imposter on the streets of Gotham are true. This phony is dressed up in some knock-off suit so clearly inaccurate to the real thing. The person has a beard for crying out loud! This isn’t a good sign. I hope Harley Quinn returns soon to make Poison Ivy whole again so the tides can turn but until then, be it the Bat Symbol in Gotham, a red streak through Central City, or a golden lasso on Themyscira… GC52 has you covered with the news you need to know. Till next week, I’m your host Jerry the Intern. Be strong in all your convictions.

Books covered this week:

  • Action Comics #1035 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Daniel Sampere, Adriano Lucas, and Dave Sharpe.
  • Checkmate #4 by Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev, Dave Stewart, and Josh Reed.
  • Deathstroke Inc. #1 by Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter, Hi-Fi, and Steve Wands?
  • Robin #6 by Joshua Williamson, Gleb Melnikov, Luis Guerrero, and ALW’s Troy Peteri.
  • Justice League #68 by Brian Michael Bendis, Scott Godlewski, Gabe Eltaeb, and Josh Reed.
  • Detective Comics #1043 by Mariko Tamaki, Dan Mora, Jordie Bellaire, and Aditya Bidikar.
  • Mister Miracle: The Source of Freedom #5 by Brandon Easton, Fico Ossio, Rico Renzi, and Rob Leigh.
  • Batman: Reptilian #4 by Garth Ennis, Liam Sharp, and Rob Steen.
  • Superman: Son of Kal-El #3 by Tom Taylor, John Timms, Gabe Eltaeb, and Dave Sharpe.
  • Harley Quinn #7 by Stephanie Phillips, Riley Rossmo, Ivan Plascencia, and Deron Bennett.

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