Diving Into Sparrow with Creator Kara Huset: Interview

Devin interviews the creator of superhero comic Sparrow!

Devin: What’s your favorite sandwich?

Kara: I really love Subway’s spicy italian sandwich. Pepperoni, salami, and the works.

Devin: What inspired you to create Sparrow and what does telling this story mean to you?

Kara: Sparrow is the culmination of 10+ years of story crafting. I think I was just daydreaming about making a comic book one day and came up with the character Red Falcon. I showed my friends in high school and they were super into it because, well, we were the school’s comic book nerds. We talked about how cool it’d be to make up our own universe of superheroes like Marvel and DC and maybe rival them one day. So my friends and I started crafting this world and it eventually became what is Sparrow!

Devin: What is the end goal for Sparrow?

Kara: The end goal is sort of what I previously mentioned. It’s VERY ambitious but that’s how I like to roll. I want to bring something new to the superhero world. I feel like outside of like, Invincible, no indie superhero has really gotten to that same level. And I really want to do that.  

Devin: Let’s change the pace now. What is your favorite part of the creative process? Any favorite projects outside of this one?

Kara: I’ve recently discovered how much I love getting letters back because of just how much it ties the book together haha. But I think my favorite part is just finishing and seeing people’s reactions. I was deathly afraid of all this hype building up just for people to not like the universe I’ve been crafting so long. But it’s been overwhelmingly positive so it’s been awesome.

Devin: Do you have any creative influences at all?

Kara: Tons! Earliest artistic influence is Jim Lee, I credit almost all my art knowledge to him.  Many more since include the likes of Greg Capullo, Francis Manapul. There are lots! And for writing, my biggest is probably Scott Snyder. I love everything he does!

Devin: Are there any indie creators you’d like to work with? Any specific people we should be paying attention to?

Kara: I loved working with Fellhound and Cemiroz on the Red Falcon and The Sentinel story. They’re both amazing artists and creators. I’d love them to continue working in the Sparrowverse. I’d also love to see my friend J.J. Lopez do some Sparrowverse art, his work is awesome.

Devin: Back to Sparrow now. What can we expect as Sparrow moves forward? Any spoilers?

Kara: I can give away a few things! There’s going to be a lot of characters clashing next time we see Sparrow. Alaina is going to meet this Mystery Man as he continues to take over the criminal underworld. She’s also going to be going up against her father. He can’t have his daughter following in his footsteps but he can’t stop her. And he’s going to struggle with himself when his own organization has to hunt her down. She is a vigilante at this stage. 

Devin: Will we see more of Red Falcon? What of his surviving teammates?

Kara: We will continue to see James in the main story and I’d like to keep doing Red Falcon and The Sentinel backup stories. But as far as Red Falcon in the main book? Well… Sparrow was originally in my head as Red Falcon II. I might still have a bit of a plan for eventually continuing that mantle.

Devin: Do you anticipate expanding on the greater universe of Sparrow with any spin-offs at all, be the new stories set in the present or stories of the past?

Kara: That is the ultimate plan! I already have a list of spin-offs planned in my head, the main being a New Knight Guard title. I’ve posted several pieces of concept art of what that eventual team may look like. And I’m eager to open up the Sparrowverse to fellow creators and let other people do some cool stuff in the universe. 

Devin: Lastly, where can readers find your work and ultimately support Sparrow?

Kara: I’m mainly on Twitter at KalHuset! I have a Patreon where you can get early looks at my comics and art and even exclusive comics. And you can buy the first issue of Sparrow at my Kofi link! Thanks!

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