Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #13 Review

The Captain America crossover event “Cold War” heats up in this penultimate installment.

What makes the current Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty book so good is how well it understands its characters and its motivations. Even with its crowded cast, it still manages to balance itself between the various characters and tells a good tale to keep the plot moving forward. It’s pretty rad that the penultimate issue of the “Cold War” crossover continues to be a step in that direction.

Following last week’s confrontation between the Captain Americas, Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers, this issue starts off from the perspective of the Revolution, Bucky Barnes. We get a look into how he views Steve now, his understanding of the man and his motivations, which goes to show just how well he knows the man. It goes to show just how well Jackson Lanzing and Colin Kelly understand the character at his core, something they’ve been showing us throughout this run in general. The entire issue is mostly a focus on Bucky’s end of things, with Steve, Sam, and co. having smaller moments throughout– along with a beautiful two page spread.

Throughout the issue, there’s a reveal that’s built up not through dialogue and narration, but purely through the art, which was really cool to see. This book doesn’t just have pretty art, it also expects you to look and pay attention, just as any comic book should. It’s paced well– even with the lack of focus on our protagonists in favor of more of a focus on our “antagonist”.

Just like the previous issue of this book, Alina Erofeeva’s pencils coupled with Nolan Woodard’s colours continue to be gorgeous. The kineticism and paneling is similar to that of previous series artist (and this issue’s cover artist) Carmen Carnero. There’s a look of uniformity throughout the book, yet it’s different enough when it comes to the faces and some paneling choices that you can tell. Not a bother though, except for a few panels later in the issue, but the rest of it works just fine.

Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Misty Knight, and Sharon Carter look over a valley of crystals.

Joe Caramanga’s lettering is good as per usual. I’m a big fan of some of the sound effects that line up with the perspective of the art, that was cool to see. 

I will say, given what the ending sets up, I’m concerned about how the Omega issue will wrap all this up, but this creative team has yet to let me down, so I have faith. Once again, another killer issue. I cannot wait to see how it all ends.

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