Steve Kluger: An Interview with the Acclaimed Author

RJ sits down and discusses the prolific career of author and activist Steve Kluger.

They say never meet your heroes, literary or otherwise, well, they are wrong because Steve Kluger is just delightful. This multi-hyphenate is responsible for two of my favorite books; Last Days of Summer and My Most Excellent Year, which find their way back into my hands annually and comfort me better than any chicken soup out there. From requesting the interview all the way to our zoom chat, Steve is a constant professional, and funny as hell! Our variety of topics ranged from his impressive writing to the importance of finding the right books for our youth to read. We even dived into his notable activism and his future works. We may have swayed off course a handful of times, but who wouldn’t when you are having that much fun. Enjoy the interview and I encourage everyone to pick up anything written by Steve Kluger. This has been a tough year, but this definitely was My Most Excellent Day!

By RJ Durante

Writer - @ArghRJ

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An excellent and informative interview with one of my favorite authors. Thank you to Steve Kluger and RJ Durante for an insightful, funny and inspiring look into the life of an amazing author and activist. It is literally the best thing next to meeting Mr. Kluger in person. Well done!

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