Find a Second Chance at Love with ‘Count Your Lucky Stars’

Cidnya reviews Alexandria Bellefleur’s third installment of the ‘Written in the Stars’ series!

Count Your Lucky Stars is the third novel in Alexandria Bellefleur’s Written in the Stars series. Arriving everywhere where books are sold on February 1st and published by Avon (HarperCollins), this book is precisely what every romance novel should be like. Bellefleur’s writing has a distinctly modern, cool, and heartwarming way to it. Following Margot, a pansexual, and Olivia, a bisexual divorcee, readers are thrust into a second chance romance that is so difficult to put down, 

  Margot and Olivia were best friends in high school and during a steamy spring break in their senior year, they realized that they definitely both thought of each other as more than just best friends. What makes this romance novel so unique is how well crafted and real these characters are written. Margot is headstrong and afraid to let her heart be broken, but she is willing to go to the ends of the earth for her loved ones. Olivia is kind-hearted, but often to the point  of forgetting to take care of herself. 

The stars, a play on the fact that Margot owns an Astrology company, align to have Margot and Olivia cross paths 11 years after their initial fling. They’ve had whole and complete lives in this time that showcases Bellefleur’s strength as a writer. She can highlight their backstories in a seamless way that makes you feel like you’ve lived their experiences. Margot has had terrible roommates, feels confused as her peers start to get married and have children, and is finally learning to live without fear of other people’s judgements. Olivia married a man who didn’t appreciate her. She was unhappy, unfilled, and moved to chase her career aspirations in event planning . 

Their romance is sweet, steamy, and so real. While there are many great sexy scenes because of the sizzling chemistry between Margot and Olivia, there are also many moments of emotional exploration when it comes to second chance romances. To name a few, the internal struggle of non-communication, the fear of rejection, the fear of being too intense, and the fear of not being enough, are painstakingly grounded in reality. It’s difficult to not feel moved by their relationship and how it progresses. 

This novel moves fast with immaculate pacing making it easy to devour in just a few sittings (it took me 3). By the time the third act rolls around, readers can experience not just affirmations of love and positivity from actual progress and growth, as opposed to a standard break up and get back together seen frequently amidst the genre. Count Your Lucky Stars is amazing as a sapphic/ LGBTQ+ fiction where characters simply exist in their sexualities and relationships without any sort of pressures or judgements within their fictional world. It’s so positive and reaffirming to showcase queer love without having to experience any second-hand suffering throughout the novel. Releasing on February 1st, 2022, everyone should take a chance with Margot and Olivia on this delightful conclusion to Bellefleur’s Written in the Stars series. 

By Cidnya Silva

Cidnya is an English Literature student with a passion for Film, TV, and anything they can read. Focusing on mental health and queerness, they hope to shed light on how media brings us together.

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