AEW (All Elite Wrestling)

The only way to end 2020 is with a cage match! Charlie Davis from the Match Club podcast shows Dan the ropes of AEW (All Elite Wrestling). This high energy episode will give you everything you need to tag in and start watching wrassling. We discuss how characters and stories are a huge driver behind AEW’s almost overnight success. We hope you’re ready and brought your steel chair for this one.

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Interview with Mike Chen GateCrashers

Mike Chen has been putting his unique spin on speculative fiction for the past few years. He wrote about going back to the future for his debut time travel novel Here and Now and Then; which was followed by A Beginning at the End about found-family after a global pandemic published in January of 2020; and then We Could Be Heroes about, well, superheroes. Mike sits down to chat with Jimmy Gaspero about his newest novel Light Years From Home, which Mike describes as an episode of The X-Files without Mulder and Scully. Mike talks to Jimmy about the inspiration for his new book, what happens when a trusted friend likes your story but tells you to start over, how Star Trek helped his family get through the current pandemic, and a little tease about his upcoming dream project Star Wars novel Brotherhood (out May 2022) about Anakin Skywalker.
  1. Interview with Mike Chen
  2. Haikyu!!
  3. Talkin' Doc Ock with Zac Thompson
  4. Catwoman Interview with Tini Howard and Nico Leon
  5. Scream

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