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Crash the Gates

Hello there, weary traveler. I see you’ve found the GateCrashers website! We have gotten the question a few times about why we rebranded, changed our name, and are switching up our format. For transparency’s sake, I want to lay everything on the table.

For almost two years, we were the Supersons. We helped people find their way into the DC Universe. We got to talk about a lot of our favorite stories and occasionally bring on guest hosts. We created Supersons as a response to the negativity surrounding DC Comics and its accessibility issues. There were a ton of excellent shows at the time about Marvel — the X-Men in particular — so I wrangled Jake and Mike to form a team. DC will always have that top spot in my heart, but I realized the format of Supersons was limiting.

Supersons wasn’t just limiting in terms of content we could ostensibly cover, as a show about the DC Universe. We featured predominantly cisgender, white, male guests because our team was made up of three cishet white men, and we failed to see past our own implicit biases. As our platform grew, we realized we could and should be doing more to help people find and gain access to things they might love. People like us don’t normally have difficulty getting into spaces. People like us often gatekeep pop culture.

We don’t want to gatekeep. To be frank, gatekeepers piss us off. So, we decided it was time for a change. The root of our entire brand is to destroy barriers. We will take sledgehammers, battering rams, and even our bare hands to tear down gates because these spaces need more than just faces like ours. We want to start featuring more guest hosts. We hope to feature more QTBIPOC voices. We want to show listeners, readers, and whoever interacts with us that nerd culture is for everyone. Our show should include everyone. This ultimately led us to the idea that we could cover anything — not as Supersons, but as GateCrashers.

From now until the end — whenever that may be — we are the GateCrashers, doing what we can to help you find your way into something you’re going to love. Our kingdom has no gate.

Want to write something for the site? Let us know.

Want us to feature your art, short story, or whatever you’re creating? We will do that!

Want us to cover something you find interesting, but don’t know how to approach? Give us a shout.

Heck, want to come talk with us on an episode? We can make that happen.

All of this may sound cheesy but at the end of the day, I want every single person to feel like a GateCrasher. Helping people find new things they love can only make the world better. Spreading positivity and increasing accessibility is a necessity, especially in pop culture spaces where too many bigots feel like they can and should hurt marginalized creators and fans. We want to use our platform and our privilege to open these spaces and push those people out, because their hate isn’t welcome.

With that, let’s crash the gates. Shall we?

– Dan McMahon

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