Nightwing #105 Immerses You into Dick Grayson’s Shoes

Nightwing #105Tom Taylor – WriterBruno Redondo – ArtistAdriano Lucas – ColorsWes Abbott – Letters If I had to describe Tom Taylor’s current DC output, it’d be like the equivalent of fast food. You read it, maybe have a good time, forget about it, and move on. Every so often, he and a collaborator will come out […]


Titans Interviews at NYCC

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Titans S4 Spoiler-Free Review – We’re Back B*tches

The Titans head to Metropolis in S4.


DC One Million: A Retrospective on the Future

Past the near future of Batman Beyond, past the 30th century of the Legion of Superheroes, and past most other futures we have seen is a whole new possibility.

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Nightwing’s Ass Outed Me to Myself

Trent celebrates Pride by sharing how Nightwing’s sculpted by the gods buttocks helped him find self-acceptance.